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Jun 1, 2007 09:06 AM

Dried cherries

I bought some dried cherries...Any recommended recipes for baking with them?

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  1. Pair with center cut pork chops in a port-cherry reduction glaze.

    1. My favorite things are pecan & dried cherry scones
      and a refreshing Orzo Salad with pinon nuts, dried cherries, basil and balsamic vinegar dressing

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      1. re: chef chicklet

        I use them in scones also, with crystallized ginger.
        Good in biscotti with almonds.

      2. Add them to your favorite brownie recipe.

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        1. re: Babette

          Ditto. This is my favorite way to use dried cherries, besides eat them.

        2. I like them in corn muffins or cream of wheat bread/muffins.

          Also, nice with rack of lamb deglazed w/cassis.

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          1. re: Ora

            There is a fantastic recipe in Ken Haedrich's Apple Pie Perfect cookbook for sour cherry apple pie with cardamom. It is a great combination.

          2. I haven't been able to keep them around long enough to bake with them - I've been eating them as a parfait with yogurt & granola........ delicious!!!

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            1. re: laurendlewis

              Yum--I eat them that way too--Also, with greek yogurt, raw cashews and a tiny drizzle of honey.