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Jun 1, 2007 09:00 AM

Picnic to-go in St. Paul area?

Can anybody recommend a place that I can order a complete picnic dinner to go in the Twin Cities? I know about Byerlys and places like that, but I was hoping someone might recommend a small local business that I don't know about that could put together an interesting, high quality picnic (ideally packed with plates, cups, etc.) that I could order in advance, pick up, and go.

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  1. Great question! I can't wait to read the answers. One that occurs to me is Swede Hollow Cafe in St. Paul. http://www.swedehollowcafe.com/ Trotters Cafe on Cleveland near Marshall has them, too, but I've never tried one: http://www.trotters-stpaul.com/lunchb... Maybe Nelsons? http://www.nelsoncheese.net/


    1. My first suggestion is Buon Giorno - their slection of deli meats, cheese's, prepared salads, etc, is great - more than once i had memorable picnics with food from there. I'm pretty sure they can provide plates/cups too, but it's worth checking anyway.
      The other one that comes to mind, also on the Italian theme, is Cossetta's - again, had a picnic with some take out from them a while ago and it was pretty good (but it was a while ago...)

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        Buon Giorno is great--that's the one in Lilydale, right? I had heard there was one in St. Paul at one time, is it still open?


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          Buon Giorno would have been my suggestion as well. Either St. Paul or Lilydale would be great but I know for sure that the Lilydale location will stuff the cannoli to order. I'm not sure about St. Paul. Either way they are a mighty fine compliment to any picnic lunch.

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            I bet Cafe Latte would put one together for you. They have a nice assortment of cold salads, sandwich fixins', and, of course, fabulous cakes and tortes.

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              Please do call ahead for Cafe Latte -- the menu might be workable but their cafeteria-style line might not be up to the challenge.

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                Yes, I'd definitely call ahead and pre-order. I'd think it's best to call at an off-peak time, too.