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Jun 1, 2007 08:51 AM

Good Recs for Baltimore- Upper Fells Point / Fells Point

I am moving in a week to the 1700 block of Gough St. off S Broadway, 2 blocks up from Eastern Ave.

I would love some recs for the area. I am looking for the good neighborhood spots. More on the moderate price side. Ethnic a plus. I am really excited about moving into a new food scene and want to make sure i get off to a good start.

The only place I can remeber eating there was the sushi place next to Ding How. I enjoyed their lunch special and liked the family affair vibe.

Ive heard people rave about Duda's and a couple other bar/restraunts I cant recall off the top.

Ive heard the their is a significant hispanic population in the upper area, so those recs would be most appreciated.

Also, I will be making the recs for my 2 new roomates. so make me look good.

Much thanks in advance, and I will be sure to post any hidden gems I discover on my own.

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  1. On upper Broadway around Lombard normally there is a silver kitchen on wheels type van parked during the week. They serve homemade tortillas with great fillings. I know, I know on wheels sounds sketchy but it is great and I have never once had a problem. Once a month or so I treat my dog and myself to their beef tacos and am never dissapointed!

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      Arcos on Broadway is delicious. My first time there just after they opened, the mole nearly brought tears to my eyes.

      And don't forget the tortilleria on Eastern a block or two east of Broadway. Fresh corn tortillas, tacos and menudo.

    2. La Cazuela for Ecudoran food on Eastern one block past Broadway. Maybe a little more than moderate but not overly expensive.

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      1. re: jes

        Thanks for the recs, i wll be sure to check them out.

        Anybody tried the Peruvian Chicken Place on Broadway?

        Also, any pub food recs?

        1. re: ingramcol

          Welcome to the neighborhood!

          Pub grub: I like to go to Henninger's and grab an app or something off their bar menu for a more casual dinner.

          Also, Waterfront Hotel has a popular $10 entree night on Tuesdays. I've had tasty food at Duda's and One Eyed Mike's, too.

          If you're around for lunch, I've been pretty happy with the buffet at Mehek.

          For more upscale: Every once in a while I'll grab a couple of my favorite tapas at Mezze, if I feel like putting up with the 'tude. And love to splurge on Salt every once in a while.

      2. One of my absolute fav places on Upper Bdwy is Carolina's Tex Mex. (Don't let the name dissuade you, it's not really Tex or Mex or Texmex.....) Great soups, pupusas, and Cubanos. Very inexpensive as well.

        Duda's is really great. You may also like One-Eyed Mike, but not as inexpensive as the other's mentioned.

        That Peruvian Chicken place is really new. I'd look forward to reports, especially how it compares to Chicken Rico over in Highlandtown.....

        Also, a new Peruvian, maybe, restaurant opened over on Lombard near Ann, I think.

        I live close by, so perhaps I'll think of even more, and look forward to hearing about your finds!

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        1. re: baltoellen

          Thanks for keeping the recs coming.

          Read real good things on this board about Carolina's Tex Mex and La Cazuela.

          Ditto on Duda's and One-Eyed Mike's

          Arcos seems to be a mixed bag, but im a sucker for nice outdoor drinking spots, so ill def be grabbing a drink there.

          I didnt realize Salt was so close (ate there once soon after they opened), Ill def be stopping by for the mini-burger and duck fries, seems like an easy dinner.

          Thats a great tip on the $10 entree night for Waterfront

          And Ill give def be giving a reprort on the Peruvian Chicken Place, since its almost next door.

          1. re: ingramcol

            oh, and half priced burger night at Kooper's on Tuesday!

        2. i don't know about the kitchen, but i'm a big fan of Spirits on Wolfe and Bank. Good selection of beers on tap (though of course nothing in Fells compares to Max's) and a cool owner who's almost always around.

          1. In downtown Fell's point there is Jimmy's for breakfast, a greasy spoon type of place, but good for classic breakfast like eggs and pancakes.

            Bertha's Mussels (I like the place better in non-tourist season) is kind of a classic.

            And there was a pizza place I think up one block from Bertha's I forget the name, it was on the corner. They had great pesto pizza.

            Non-fells point but one of my local favs that wasn't too far away was nacho mamas.

            It's been a while since I lived there though...

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            1. re: ktmoomau

              Jimmy's is good for breakfast, although it tends to be crowded. Good breakfasts also can be had at Theresa's in the south Broadway Market building, and at Sip and Bite on Boston street just east of Fells Point. I've always particularly liked Sip and Bite because they use real ham rather than ham from rectangular pigs. I haven't been to Sip and Bit in awhile though, and the ownership has passed to the next generation recently. I don't know if the place has been "yuppified" or not. I guess it's time for another visit.

              Bertha's is not fine dining by any means, but there are good things to be had there, including the mussels (I like the sauce with tomato and anchovy). Disclaimer: I know Tony and Laura, the owners of Bertha's, who I think are two of the nicest people I've ever known.

              I'm not sure what pizza place is meant, although I expect BOP from the mention of pesto pizza. BOP is just across Lancaster St. to the south of Bertha's. To the north (although I forget how far) is Little Italy Pizza.