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Jun 1, 2007 08:45 AM

For Thai to die for

Well maybe not die for but in a town where the Thai Cuisine runs toward a neutral American palate I am excited about Coconut Cafe. The owners used to own The Bangkok on Mass Ave. That was my first Thai cuisine experience when the Hub had only a few Thai restaurants. A painting of an old man smoking a bong survives the old restaurant on the wall of the Wellesley location. (There a Coconut Cafe in Newton center too.) Sit up straight and smile because this little gem is as they say in Thailand "Aroi dee"; Yummy the most. No Singha beer alas but great Thai Iced Tea. Curries are excellent, som tam (papaya salad), tom yum noodle soup, larb kai (spicy minty chicken salad) and lots more that will draw me back. Nua Yang Nam Tok was tasty but no authentic "waterfall-beef "of Bangkok street cart legend. In Thai nua is beef, yang means broiled (over a charcoal burner), and nam tok is a waterfall. The name comes from the sound the juices dripping from the beef onto the open charcoal brazier make. Satay needed better marinade and spring rolls/popia tod were boring. the menu is extensive and there's lots I'll be back for. I've been twice this week! Be sure to order it spicy if you like the heat. The Thai people never believe that us Farang (foreigners) can handle the kick. I order it "the way the Thai people eat it". How bout a little Pad Thai country style? This is my new #1 Thai take out. Now if I just could keep a case of Singha on hand.

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  1. I used to get the pad thai with duck from the Newton location for a few years - it was very fresh and you got a lot of duck for the money.

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    1. re: Bob Dobalina

      Coconut Cafe
      257 Washington St
      Wellesley, MA 02482 (781) 235-8255

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        Is it related to the Newton Ctr one I assume?

      1. re: Aromatherapy

        Newton Center. I got the pad thai with scallops and had some other food recently that was quite tasty and packed a decent punch.

      2. I love Brown Sugar. There is one on Commonwealth Avenue right near the start of BU then also one in the Fenway area. I've only ever been to the one on Com Ave, but its delicious! I also enjoy pad thai country style and I must agree its best that way : )

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          second Brown Sugar on Comm- they make a spicy country style pad thai that is very popular with my lunch bunch

        2. I don't speak Thai except for a few words.."pet pet" means spicy. "pet ma" means extra spicy. That'll get the heat...and you won't be thought of as a "farang."

          To keep this Boston centric..I like Dok Bua and Khao Sarn in Brookline and Montien in Boston...all 3 are "aroi dee."

          Just doubled my Thai vocabulary..:)

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            I agree about Khao Sarn and Dok Bua but have never been to the Boston Montien. Their special menu includes Isaan sausage. I notice their website expired in may. Gotta get over there.

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              Be careful! "pet ma" means "spicy dog" (or horse, depending on tone). "Pet maak" means very spicy, or "pet maak maak" very very spicy. Many of us will do a little spicy, or "pet nitnoy".
              The Thais are extraordinarily polite and kind and learning the please and thank you words will get you very far, so if anybody is interested the Frommers/Fodors/Lonely planet websites have sections with simple vocabulary- worth the effort!
              If you like Thai food here, you can imagine how much better it is there- Thailand is a food lovers paradise!

              1. re: CODENT

                So maybe they've been serving me a spicy dog or horse?..:)

                Whatever it was, it was spicy and tasty.

            2. Coconut Cafe is great, I get stuff from them regularly - most often it's crispy pad thai with red pepper ("Bangkok style"), often with duck as Bob mentioned.