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Jun 1, 2007 08:14 AM

Which Chow Recipes Have You Tried?

I am going to make the ( Coconut Rice with Black Beans and Fried Plantains when I get home.

It made me wonder which Chow recipes have you tried and liked? Do you have a favorite?


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  1. I made the braised red cabbage w/bacon recipe which turned out great

    and the vegan chocolate cupcakes which also were a hit. I ended up buying the cookbook where this recipe came from because I liked the cupcakes so much.

    1. I tried the grilled greek salad. Will definitely make again.

      1. I've made the pasta with broccoli - simple, easy and really tasty

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          I finally bought my first tin of anchovies yesterday. (Childhood trauma with a Caesar salad kept me away from them till now.) Would you recommend this as a good intro to cooking with -- and more importantly, eating -- anchovies? Thanks.

            1. re: slowfoodgrrl

              Yes because the anchovies will be incorporated into the dressing(unless you choose to garnish the salad with the little guys) and you will not have the visual..

          1. We made the oregano marinated grilled chicken last night:

            We love butterflied grilled whole chicken and do it a lot in the summer and this marinade was a winner.
            I find it physically imposible to actually follow a receipe verbatim! So... I added a couple of garlic cloves and a pinch of smoked paprika. My ratio of thyme to oregano (both fresh from my herb garden) was more like one-to-one. I saved about 1/4 cup of marinade (did not touch the raw chcken) to drizzle over the final grilled product.... yummy.

            Served this with maple mashed sweet potatoes and hericot verts (steamed in a foil packet with green onions on the grill).


            1. Galleygirl's pear tart!

              Best simple cake/breakfast treat/afternoon snack I've ever met or made.

              Lots and lots of threads about it - this isn't the original (which I couldn't find on a quick search), but it does include the recipe:

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                I made the buffalo chicken tenders with blue cheese coleslaw. Definately interesting. The coleslaw had a great flavour, but next time I will cut down on the amount of dressing applied as it was very creamy. The chicken came out quite well.

                I have also made the lasagna alla bolognese. It was a hit. The sauce is definately a keeper recipe.