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Jun 1, 2007 08:10 AM

Lunch in Fallbrook

We are going to be in Fallbrook tomorrow. Any ideas for a good lunch place?

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  1. Are you willing to sit outdoors at a gas station near the intersection of the 76 and I-15?

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    1. re: srk

      You make it sound incredibly appealing. What are the details?

      1. re: camstan

        there is a great burger joint right as you take the 76 exit off the 15 Fwy..on the West side. not sure of there name but it good. very casual!!!

        1. re: Ela0427

          The name is Nessy Burger. And I totally dig it. I don't want to set the expectations too high, but if I'm near Fallbrook around meal time, that's where I'm going.

          1. re: srk

            I happened to be in Fallbrook at lunchtime recently and had a great burger at Nessy. I wound up eating in my car because it was really windy, but would definitely go back.

    2. My favorite taqueria in the world is Taqueria Las Brisas right there on Mission -you cant miss it. Chile relleno, barbacoa sope, carnitas or costillas de puerco en salsa ranchera. I am in the bay area now tearfully missing my little restaurant. Please go here and report back!

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      1. re: kare_raisu

        Unfortunately, we were with an older couple for whom Mexican was not an option. Maybe next time.