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Jun 1, 2007 07:34 AM

Best State or Street Fairs for their Food?

Where and when? What do you order? Looking for CT, RI, and MA, Thanks and enjoy your summer.

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  1. The Lowell Folk Festival has many good ethnic food vendors

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      I was going to mention this fair as well - here's the link:

    2. any of the feasts in the North End of Boston all summer EXCEPT for Big St. Anthony's the last weekend in August. That one is just TOO crowded and rowdy.

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        I like the Greek Festival's in New Britain, CT and Hartford, CT. The Polish festival in New Britain, CT has some pretty tasty food too.

      2. You can't forget about the Big E (I think it's in September?) I love the food (cream puffs are great) and there's a ton of it (I consider it my September gorge-fest).

        1. There is a very tasty srteet festival on Federal Hill in Providence. St. Joseph Day, perhaps?

          1. Agree that the Lowell festival and North End festivals are nice.

            In RI, there are loads of public clambakes and seafood festivals throughout the summer; check listings online in the Providence Journal. Two unusual versions of the clambake are the Rose Island Lighthouse event (tickets include round-trip boat ride) and the annual lobsterbake at the Newport Polo Grounds following the polo match. One of the biggest and oldest seafood festivals is the Charlestown festival,