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Jun 1, 2007 07:31 AM

St. Louis M-E...most bang-for-buck groceries?

So, my folks have seperated, and long story short, I'm now responsible for most of the food staples in the house. So I'm wondering, where is the best deal for grocery shopping, overall, based on items, etc.? I'm not necessarily asking for cheapest; I probably ought to, but I want some quality, if possible.( Also, any money-saving tips are appriciated.)

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  1. Aldi's - major upgrade of a lot of their private labels and is some cases equal to Trader Joe's

    Sappington's Market

    Soulard **SOMETIMES** offers a good value on produce

    Shop n Save - generally one of thelower priced places

    Dollar stores offer some real values on some top line items - Deals (Supervalu), Dollar General, Big Lots

    Buy what is on sale and stock up when there is a real bargain.

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      I agree with what you said about aldi...sometimes I actually PREFER their "pocket sandwiches." As far as Soulard goes though, I live in Collinsville, so with construction AND gas prices, I'd lose the savings.

      1. re: willrun4food

        As you must know, living in Collinsville doesn't give you easy access to most of St. Louis. And it's only going to get harder with all of the construction...

        As with jlawrence's suggestion, buy on sale and stock up.

        A few more comments:
        Even though we also live in south county, the selection at Aldi's is so limited we don't shop there too often. When I do I stock up.
        TJ's is great but a big trip for you. Stock up on some great frozen stuff there.
        Easily the best fish market is Bob's Seafood, which would also be a trip for you. They're so much better than any other place that it's worth a big trip and freezing (gasp!). Hope you have a big deep freezer. Bring a cooler; they'll also give you crushed ice if you ask.

        Many places in the area have occassional discount coupon Thursdays -- $10 off $50 or more. At Shop & Save you longer need a coupon, and the other places usually have coupons at the service desks. Call.

        You've got a pretty good Schnuck's right on Beltline -- my guess is that depending on the time you have to to explore into the city/county you'll wind up shopping there a lot. Use the specials and get to know the people that work there.

    2. aldi is great, and I would go to trader joe's for any item you can't find at aldi. trader joe's has really fantastic frozen foods for when you don't want to cook.

      1. Haha, kind of ironic, I've been trying to find the same. Just moved to south county, and I've figured I could do 98% of my shopping between Aldi's and Trader Joes. I was always a big Aldi's shopper, and the fact that I've tried to prepare more stuff from scratch helps. I've ALWAYS been a HUGE fan of their produce, best grapefruit, and other stuff is quality and reasonable.

        I was surprised how reasonable SOME things at TJs are, others are of course expensive.

        Its been 8 years since I lived in STL and shopped at Shop'n'Save, and their prices on some things are OUTRAGEOUS! Don't even try to get HFCS-free food or other organic stuff there, its much cheaper at TJs. Plus, some things they have a very narrow selection of.

        For the other stuff, I might stop by Schnucks on the way home.