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Jun 1, 2007 07:29 AM

Sunday Lunch Suggestions - something NEW?

Hi! I'm looking for somewhere to eat this sunday, to celebrate my birthday with family. We all have quite discriminating palettes, so I'm looking for somewhere good - preferably french-based or contemporary cuisine.

I did a search, and almost every post related to this topic suggests the same restaurants over and over, so I'm asking for responses OTHER than the following;

- l'express
- brunoise
- au pied du cochon
- chasse et peche
- toque
- olive and gourmando
- lemeac

Also, somewhere less expensive please? I'm not asking for Shwartz's prices, here. Just something reasonable.


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  1. Doubt that almost every post related to Sunday lunch mentions the restaurants you list since only Leméac and L'Express are open then. Brunoise, Le Club Chasse et Pêche, Toqué and Olive et Gourmando don't even open on Sunday period.

    Indeed, most fine restos are closed on Sundays and, bistros excepted, those that open do so only in the evening. Recommendable brunch options include Réservoir, Byblos (definitely not French), Le Cartet and Aszu.

    1. sorry, i guess I was also looking at general good-restaurant posts.

      anyways, still any suggestions for sunday lunch are really super duper appreciated! :D

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        Is there a particular reason you're avoiding Leméac? The brunch there is very good, plus if I recall correctly the regular menu is available at all times. And the terrace is pleasant this time of year.

      2. Café Melies and Réservoir (both centrally located in the Plateau) are great brunch/lunch options...

        ; )

        1. Bistro Truffert on Laurier E.