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Oct 24, 2005 02:27 PM

Pumpkin Alert - Pumpkin quark at the Farmer's Market

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Spring Hill Jersey Cheese is an incredible local cheese and butter producer that sells at Farmer's Markets. Last Saturday, I tried their pumpkin quark which they were selling as a dessert cheese. It was delicious, tasted like a pumpkin cheesecake. I think it has a lot of potential for pumpking themed desserts, and would be good just smeared on bread as a snack. They sell at Berkeley Saturday and Tuesday, also at the Ferry Building, not sure where else.

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    Cindy in Novato

    Yes! I finally get a chance to contribute. :) Just yesterday, we visited Spring Hill Jersey Farm (aka Peter Pumpkin Patch in October) and purchased their lemon AND pumpkin quark, in addition to colby cheese, cheese curds and butter. Have only had a chance to try the quarks, but both our sons loved it. Texture-ally, it's a cross between ricotta and yogurt. They also make ice cream.

    REALLY nice people, the owners, very friendly. The farm is open every day this month - our kids got to milk a cow and pet the goat, sheep, and calves - all free activities. Lots of fun and pumpkins! (And good food, of course.)

    Their website is below - only 15 minutes drive north of Novato.


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      Thanks so much for this info. I'll try to catch them before the season's over. Here's a link to the report from our cheese tour chow-around.


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        Hey, thanks Morton and Cindy.

        Since I was in Petaluma today, I took a detour and went to Spring Hill. Very cute. Nice to see the home of this cheese.

        I guess they bought (?) Petaluma Creamery. Saw the sign of a cheese shop that is coming and read about it on the link you provided to Spring Hill, Cindy.

        I hope they sell ice cream. That pumpkin ice cream was just the best ... rich, clean tasting with the perfect spice. I'd buy this if they started selling to markets. Jersey Cow milk makes excellent ice cream.

        Like the pumpkin quark too. They are planning another holiday flavor ... maybe pommegranite or cranberry or something else, I forget. Cranberry is low on their list though.

        I forgot all about the butter in both your posts, darn. The owner is very sweet. I've tried most of their cheese at farmers markets, but he kept saying ... try one more.

        I guess I justed missed them at the Tuesday market because he says the woman who sells there went yesterday. In addition to the markets mentioned, they also sell at the Grand Lake Market in Oakland on Saturday and, though they've been abscent a while, at Jack London again in about another week.

        I'm not familiar with the pumpkin patches in this part of the country, so this was fun. Also stopped by Cardoza's on Lakeville on my way back home. I got there almost near closing, so just looked it over. They have a little restaurant where they sell pumpkin pie and ice cream. All the other stuff ... Haunted House, Hay Rides,hay maze Air Jumps,face painting,petting zoo,pony rides, discovery room, train.

        The Cardoza's just sold the farm and it will be a Sonoma Regional Park. The pumpkin patch will continue with money used to support the park.

        Spectacular view from the top of the hill. Keller Winery is at the bottom of the road, but it was late, so don't know if they are open to the public.

        Hmmm ... maybe I should try to get back there before Monday to see the place under family owership and try their pumpkin pie ... with pumpkin ice cream.


      2. Spring Hill is at the Farmers Market in Marin, held Thursdays and Sundays at the Civic Center (don't know if SH is there both days.)