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Jun 1, 2007 07:20 AM

Dinner with client

I am looking for a place somewhere in midtown to take my best client to.

Price should be relatively high (not totally insane though), hoping for something hip but quiet - a tough combo I know!

I'd appreciate some recommendations!

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  1. Could try either of the new midtown additions: Insieme or Amalia (I imagine Amalia's louder, but someone who's been to both should chime in)

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    1. re: jsgjewels

      My first thought was of Amalia. We loved the food, and it certainly has impressive decor, i.e., elegant yet hip. However, we were there the first week they were open on a Sunday night, and it was dead, so I have no idea how noisy it would be when busy. But judging by the music that was playing -- not exactly low-key (pun intended) -- I'd say you're probably right.

      eastvillageater, How about The Modern? I'm thinking main dining room rather than the Bar Room. Though I haven't been yet, from everything I've heard about it, particularly from my daughter and the boyfriend who have had dinner there, it might fit your needs.

    2. You can try L'Atelier de Joel Robouchon at the Four Seasons. The a al carte menu (small plate) are not too expensive and it is a great place for business meeting.