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Jun 1, 2007 07:19 AM

Ebay and food items

What food finds have you found on Ebay? I'm always looking to get great items, and have had a lot of success with Ebay auctions I've won.

Here are the following items I've found that are great bargains and great quality on Ebay:

Vanilla beans from Arizona Vanilla Company - both Madagascar and Mexican beans. I ordered Mexican, they sent Madagascar by mistake. I emailed them about it, and they emailed me back promptly, sent new Mexican beans and told me to keep the Madagascar. Great customer service and the beans are wonderful...fragrant, plump and full of beans.

Vanilla beans from Vanilla Products USA - I bought Madagascar and Tahitian. Again, long, fragrant plump beans and for a fraction of the price in the store. I think I ended up spending about 20 or 30 cents per bean.

Valley Nut and Fruit - all sorts of nuts, flavored and not, roasted and raw. Dried fruits too, plenty of them, and all at fantastic prices. I've purchased mixed dried fruit, pine nuts (a steal at 8.95 a pound), and flavored peanuts. All very high quality, flavorful and cheap!

What are some great finds you've found on Ebay? I'm always looking for more!!!

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  1. As an Ebay addict and chowhound, I LOVE this thread! I have purchased grey sea salt from Lorine & Co. Very satisfied with the quality and service, and the price was good.

    1. Ditto on the vanilla beans. I don't recall the name of the seller, but they specialized in Tahitian and Madagascan beans. I got a huge bundle which is wonderfully fragrant. I'm still using them many months later and every time I unwrap them, the whole kitchen smells of vanilla.

      1. Taiwanese shrimp chips and deyhdrated mushroom chips.

        1. i never thought of buying food from Ebay? Is it reliable and safe?

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            The places I have ordered from are both reliable and safe. They sell both on ebay and online in their own stores. I've been pleased with all of the food products I have received, and there is a LOT of stuff out there. The shipping has been quick, the customer service is great and the quality of the product is high.

          2. I've purchased fudge, and it's been pretty good thus far-- fresh and sent in a timely manner. Some sellers need to increase the PB content of their PB fudges though...