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Jun 1, 2007 06:46 AM

Alaturka in Park Slope

I have become a big fan of this place which opened up next to Chip Shop on 6th street and 5th Ave. Their chicken kabob sandwich has perfectly grilled, huge chicken chunks served in between two slices of their homemade wheat pita bread. Filled with shredded onions, lettuce, and carrots it's a helluva meal. The chicken kabob platter is big enough for two and it's only like $12. Their hummus is amazing too...very fresh with a zing of lemon.

I know this sounds like an ad for the place but I live around the corner and everytime I go there it seems so empty despite the food being so good and the owners are being so friendly. I really want to see them to succeed. Is the reason I haven't seen any other posts about this place on the boards because no one has been there or are people not as impressed as I am?

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  1. Pastoralia, the second paragraph of your post brings to mind the question that has been on my mind for some time: when have we reached the saturation point of having too many restaurants in Park Slope? And, does that mean a trend towards closure of some marginal establishments? Walking along Fifth Ave. (on our way to prix fixe at Tempo) last evening, I noted four Japanese joints in a two block stretch. I also noted a Peruvian chicken joint nearly empty and your beloved Turkish place, also nearly empty. Several walk-ins to Tempo were turned away because of a long-ish wait. Wish I could've directed them to another place on the strip, one where they could have an enjoyable meal and immediate seating.

    On another front, Alaturka blanketed (ie, littered) our neighborhood with takeout/delivery menus. Their menu distributor didn't even bother sticking the menus in mail slots: they just dropped them on stoops and walkways. Shame.

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      I'd rather have restaurants than another realtor office, cell phone store, or bank.

      1. re: pastoralia

        i agree with surprised that more places havent been closing over the years.

        and that picasso sushi fusion that a joke?

      2. re: famdoc

        I wonder (hope) if some of the restaurants are doing more delivery than eat-in business. I would most likely order delivery from both Alaturka and El Pollo and eat in at a more high end establishment such as Stone Park Cafe and Tempo.

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          El Pollo is not very good. I can see why it's empty. Haven't tried Alaturka yet.

        2. If that lame Brooklyn BBQ place can keep packing them in I take that as a sign that Park Slope isn't yet saturated with restaurants.

          I've been trying some Vietnamese places in Sunset Park recently but I really need to give Alaturka a try. It sounds appealing.

          1. my husband and i went here and couple of weeks ago, and i'm sad to say i was kind of disappointed.

            it started off very promising; we began with a salad of parsley, tomatoes, onions, lemon juice and olive oil, which was fresh and tasty. their homemade bread is fantastic and i would have been thrilled with just the salad and the bread. we also had some stuffed grape leaves which were ok.

            i had an adana kebab (ground lamb) for my main and it was so salty, it was practically inedible. my husband had the chicken kebab and it was pretty dry.

            i really really wanted to like it, since the staff was so nice and accomodating, but
            since there are a number of restaurants serving this type of food in the neighborhood (olive vine, mr. falafel) we probably won't be back. i'm glad the OP has such heart for it, and perhaps similar reviews from other 'hounds will inspire a return visit in us, but it's unlikely for now.

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            1. re: funkymonkey

              I liked Alaturka well enough...the bread is an important part of a good Turkish meal. I haven't tried any of the meats yet, though. I also wish they stayed open until at least midnight--their food would make for an excellent, and relatively healthful, break from bar-hopping.

              There's a big difference, in my mind, between restaurants that bring something new to the table, and those that are just trying to out-location and out-decorate their all-too-similar competition. Mura, Jpan, Picasso--more to come--too much Planet Thailand-inspired Japanese food. But Turkish food, in my mind--especially if served with fresh baked bread--has little in common with Olive Vine or Mr. Falafel.

              1. re: PAL

                I went to Alaturka a few weeks ago. Nice enough staff but the food is mediocre. Lalezar, although a trek from Park Slope, on Ave U and E. 27th is much, much better.

                1. re: bigmackdaddy

                  I agree, I also tried Alaturka a few weeks ago and would not order again from there. The wasn't horrible it just wasn't great and didn't sit well. It's unfortunate because the people who work there are incredibly nice.

            2. Alaturka in Park Slope is possibly some of the most overpriced dogfood I've ever had the pleasure of tasting. Looking at the menu, and considering myself somewhat of a Mediterranean food connoisseur, I couldn't help but wonder what a $7 falafel sandwich would taste like. After placing my order and waiting about 12 minutes (for a falafel?) I was very disappointed to see what was on my plate: 4 little burnt falafel balls, with mixed bag of salad (like the prepared kind you find in the supermarket) tossed on top. No fresh tomatoes or any other vegetables like you would find in any respectable middle eastern restaurant. The small amount of tehini on the side was hardly adequate to moisten the dry, stale piece of bread it was served on.

              This was possibly one of the worst (and most expensive) falafel sandwiches I have ever eaten. I usually would not go online and write such a horrible review, but I think this place deserves it. I hope it goes out of business quickly and gets replaced with something more competent.

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              1. re: brainiak

                What do you expect, falafel isn't even Turkish. I'm not even sure why they serve it, maybe to appease a neighborhod that couldn't find that region of the world on a map.
                I went there last night and had a nice meal. No falafel.

              2. I think Alaturka is DOA...people were in there scrubbing floors and all of the tables have been removed. I don't think they're renovating...I think it's over.

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