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Jun 1, 2007 05:17 AM

Near Guggenheim, for date

Hey all, thanks for the suggestions last week. Tonight takes me to the UES, will be going to the Guggenheim for an event they're having. Unfortunately UES is the only area below Harlem that I don't at least have 5 or 6 restaurant ideas already in my head. So what I'm looking for: some place with decent ambiance inside, bill for under $100 (no drinks) - maybe sushi, French, Greek, Thai...some place different that might impress a date, but still somewhat casual.

Doesn't have to be right near 80s and 5th, as hopefully weather will be decent tonight and can do some walking. Thanks-

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  1. Cafe Sabarsky inside the Neue Galerie. It is on coner of 86 & 5th.

    Here is their website

    1. Etats-Unis or Bar@ Etats-Unis. E. 81st. You could also try Table d'Hote on 92nd between Madison and Park.

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        Table d'Hote is a good suggestion - you might want to make a reservation though - it's tiny. I can't really think of any date worth sushi or Thai in the area .... or Greek for that matter. Also like the Sabarsky idea.

        1. re: MMRuth

          Thanks for the suggestions, menus for both Sabarasky and bar@ etats look good...When I said Greek, French, etc. I basically was just looking for something a little different than your standard Italian restaurant for a date

      2. Le Refuge, a French bistro at 82nd St bet Lex and 3rd Aves is lovely. You can check the menu at The room is very charming and they also have a garden.

        1. Beyoglu, on the corner of 3rd & 81st, serves very good Turkish food. The main focus of the menu is mezzes though there are a few mains, including a tasty donner kebab. The interior decor is attractive. If the weather holds, there is outdoor (sidewalk) seating.

          Bandol Bistro, on 78th, b/t Lex & 3rd, has good French food and pleasant ambiance.