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Jun 1, 2007 05:13 AM

Anyone eat at Frank's Steaks in Rye Brook

A friend recommended Frank's for a party - they have a private room - I am not familiar other than I know they own other restaurants on Long Island. Are the steaks good? Is it on par with the other steak houses around?

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  1. I ate there once. Put a little review here: When we were there, I think there was a bachelor party in the private room, because there were lots of guys in the 25-35 age range streaming back there.

    I'm not really a big steakhouse person - I think the only other place I've been in Westchester is Morton's. I'd say Morton's is better, but it's hard to compare a shell steak to what I would order at Morton's.

    1. We went once. It cost us $50 per person- no drinks- the steak was fair, at best. They claim the "best skirt steak on earth"! We found it to be extremely salty and chewy. The the service was horrible and for that price you are better off at a real steak house. We will not be back.

      1. We ate at franks and although I dont care for Mortons, I would choose it over this place. The steaks were ok but the service was horrible. Debmom, you got off cheap!! Our visit was 150.00 per person! Apps, a la carte sides for everyone(those add up!), wine and dessert. I thought it was not worth the money.

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        1. re: xecuchef

          A HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS a person????

          Amazing. Frank's advertises in a free flyer that goes around as a 'sushi AND a steak' place. Mmmmm, sounds REAL inviting.

          I wouldn't go to Frank's nor to Morton's nor to Mo's.

          Why don't folks go to the Willett House for steaks? Aren't they still good?

          A hundred and fifty dollars a PERSON and it wasn't to die for? Good grief.

          1. re: dolores

            Willett House food was truly awful during my last visit there one month ago.

        2. Just went there for dinner with another couple.

          The place was freezing and the air conditioner was blowing right on me. I asked if it could be lowered and one of the managers came by and assured it would. About 15 minutes later, the A/C went off for about 10 minutes, and then was cranked high again!

          The wait staff seems to be just learning the ropes and not communicating with each other.

          I found the large flat panel TV screens around the restaurant very tacky -- either it was a closeup of a fish tank (!!!) or a rotating selection of famous artwork... I was waiting for the dogs playing poker masterpiece to come up.

          While the food was fine, the whole cheesy atmosphere, not listening to my A/C request, and klutzy wait staff won't have me back any time soon. There is FAR FAR better in Westchester

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