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May 30, 2007 04:27 PM

Recipe for Ranch Dressing [Split from General Topics "pre-dinner munchies" thread]

This is my own rendition for Ranch Dressing that helps me when I diet. It's a recipe developed for my own tastes, but I find that it takes the place of the tangy RD when I want it. You might want to use the following seasonings adjust, or taste as you go.

For almost one cup - I have no idea what the cal count is.... but lower than the usual.

1/2 Trader Joe's or good plain non fat yogurt, drained well
3 T non fat or light sour cream
1 T mayonaise - light or use the real thing - 90 cal per Tablespoon for real mayo
1/3 C lowfat buttermilk - makes it better but if you leave it out, use more of the vinegar and a little lowfat milk
1 T garlic powder
1 tsp onion powder
1 T celery salt
1/4 tsp dill weed
Fresh parsley chopped fine - sometimes I leave this out if I am making large batch and then I will add parsley to a small serving for small snack time.
I also do this if I don't have fresh buttermilk. I add a splash of Citrus Champagne Vinegar. "O" brand.
I mix and let it sit for a couple of hours.
Drain the yogurt it will be thicker
Ranch Dressing is about the buttermilk, the garlic powder and the celery salt, so you want those flavors to come through over the dill. And if I don't have any on hand, I still splash it with the champage vinegar, because I love the tang.
I can give up sugar, I can give up wine or beer but I can't give up salt.
Drink lots of water too!

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  1. This sounds absolutely delicious! Thanks for posting it & for the pointers about which flavors should be prominent. I'll definitely try it, I have champagne vinegar that I don't know what to do with.
    thanks for the reminder about drinking water, v. important! : )

    1. I've messed around with making my own ranch dressing a few times... Never been quite happy with it since it's always too thin the way I make it. The taste is spot on though...

      The main ingredients I use are buttermilk, garlic, S&P, lime juice, and some kind of herbs... dill, cilantro, chives, and parsley all work pretty well (not necessarily all at once). I forget the ratios... I just kind of eyeball it. Buttermilk is the main thing though. I haven't really considered using celery seed before... I'll have to give this a try.

      I've mixed some of this thin ranch dressing with sour cream, and I've mixed it with store-bought mayonnaise. I've never been really happy with the result... I'd like to thicken it up a bit, but I don't particularly want a bunch of sour cream and mayo in it. Maybe that's just what has to be done though. Perhaps using homemade mayo would make this more agreeable.

      I've considered adding in a bit of heavy cream and letting it thicken up at room temperature for a while... sort of a ranch creme fraiche. Maybe I should just run an experiment sometime.

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      1. re: AbdulSheikhMohammed

        simple solution...replace some of the liquid buttermilk with dried buttermilk powder. you'll still get all the buttermilk flavor without thinning it out so much.

        1. re: 1_healthnut

          ummm. no. That does not work, I tried it. I don't think it taste a thing like buttermilk in fact I can't describe that taste other than awful. You need the champagne vinegar.
          And if you want to thicken it, you must let the yogurt drain, that will work fine.

      2. Chef chicklet - is the 1/2 TJ's yogurt a container size or 1/2 cup? It sounds great!


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        1. re: ExercisetoEat

          Oh sorry about that! It is a half cup.
          I made a salad for lunch with this today and used the rest (what the kids didn't devour) for a dressing. It is absolutely yummy. NO way can you tell it is made with yogurt, fat free sour cream, there is a little low fat buttermilk and 1 T of mayonaise. Not enough to make me worry anyway. I could probably leave it out. Anyway what I was getting at is the spices just marry, this gets better each day. If you are dieting you will not miss the real deal at all. You could even dip your pizza in it! oops!