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Jun 1, 2007 02:28 AM

Sour Cherry Recipes [Split from LA Board]

I'm inspired! I just searched online and found a local farm here in Rhode Island -- with sour cherry trees! Can't wait to go get some... now how about a couple of great recipes for them???

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  1. Some ideas :
    standard double crust pie
    streusal-topped pie
    buckle-type cake (coffee cake topped with fruit and streusal)
    a simple sauce for pancakes or crepes
    a perhaps more complex sauce for duck
    cold soup!

    I just made rhubarb cakes (similar to the coffee cake idea) last night and I think the recipe would work well with cherries - same sweet/sour thing:

    Love sour cherries!

    I lo

    1. I have two favorites that I got from Gourmet Magazine and both are on epicurious. (Gourmet often does cherries in their July issue.) The Old Fashioned Vanilla cherry pie is great. I make the crust with all butter, and it has become the crust I always use for pie. Sometimes I just bake the filling in a covered pyrex dish. It makes a great ice-cream topping, especially if paired with home-made hot fudge. (This is a great dessert for those on gluten-free diets.) I use the same filling for a crisp. One year someone gave me peaches and I used them with the cherries. A delicious combination.

      The other recipe is for the chocolate cherry torte. This is an elegant and easy one to make. Just don't bake too long or it becomes dry. I can't get Kirsch where I live, so I substitute rum or whatever.

      I myself am in search of the perfect recipe for cherry preserves. I can't seem to get the ratio of cherries to sugar correct. Any ideas anyone?

      Looks like this year is going to be a great one for the cherry crop in Rhode Island, unlike the past two years....reminds me to buy a new cherry pitter. Okay, I'm off to the cookware board.

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        I make preserves every year with some of my cherries. I use about 3/4-7/8 cup sugar to 1 cup fruit. I crack a few of the pits and place them in the jar. You can add a little vanilla, too. Cherry preserve is best if it ages a month or so; my last year's preserve is great now.

        Why do you say it's going to be a great year fo rthe cherry crop? It's been so rainy--generally not a good omen.

        1. re: janeer

          Thanx for the preserves tip. I too try to make some every year.

          I think it's going to be a good year because the entire time our trees were in bloom, we got very little rain - only one overnight shower. And the bees were busy. However, I admit to not knowing what type of sour cherry trees we have, so maybe their bloom time was different than your's. I don't think they are Montmorecies (sp?). (They bloomed between May 15 and 25.) Plus, out here on Block Island we often don't get the same rain as the rest of Rhode Island. We actually really need some rain.

          1. re: clamscasino

            It's been pouring here! On Block Island, you may have an earlier season. But I also have seen the season vary from mid-June to mid July, depending on weather. I truly hope you're right that it will be a good year; I'm a bit obsessed with the cherries...
            Re question of foxy fairy: no one grows them commercially in RI, so you must just look for them at roaside stands and farmers markets. Believe it or not, some who have old trees do not even pick them, thinking no one wants them--so ask anyone you know who grows fruit on an old farm. There is someone down the road for me that puts them out every year.

            1. re: janeer

              Just to compare notes here, what type of cherries do you have? My cherries usually start ripening about July 6. I'm thinking that they will be later this year, as Spring lagged. Three years ago we picked and froze about 200 cups. (We have about 15 trees.) Last year, only one colander full. I am really hoping this is a good year as I have none left in my freezer.

              You're not the only one obsessed! My pies and cherry desserts are practically a cult item around here.

          2. re: janeer

            Where and when do you get the cherries in RI?

        2. Last year I made a cherry compote using half sour/half black cherries. I basically used a strawberry/rhubarb compote recipe and adapted it. It was the most intense cherry flavor I had ever tasted. I served it with panna cotta - to die for.

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            That sounds delicious - can you post some details or general quantities etc.? I have a jar of sour cherries - maybe could combine w/ some fresh black cherries.