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Good Eats in Augusta, GA

If you're ever in Augusta, GA, for a *cough* golf tournament or otherwise, here are a couple of places I highly recommend you try out:

Somewhere in Augusta Bar & Grill - has some of the best chicken wings around. With over 20 different flavors, including quite a few dry rub specialties, you can't lose with SIA. (Their Cajun wings are absolutely awesome!) They also have a good selection of burgers, wraps, and other items. http://somewhereinaugusta.com/ has more information.

The Cotton Patch - located in downtown Augusta, the Cotton Patch has a pretty diverse menu. My personal favorite is the Big Bacon Classic: quite possibly the best burger conceived by man. http://eatdrinkbehappy.com/ has more info.

Blue Sky Kitchen - located in downtown Augusta, Blue Sky has an awesome, eclectic menu with everything from a Cuban Sandwich to Red Neck Stir-fry. It's one of our favorite places to eat here at the office, partly due it being right across the street... but the food is quite excellent for lunch OR dinner. http://www.downtownaugusta.com/bluesk...

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  1. Don't forget the Verandah Grill at the Partridge Inn for lunch buffet (or brunch). Great comfort food. Mac-n-cheese, collards, fried chicken, cobbler....mmm.


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      I've yet to eat at the PI, other than at catered events. The food was good though.

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        I've been let down twice by the PI on catered events. Never again will I use them for a party. I even wrote them a letter after the second disappointment to which they didn't bother to respond.

      2. OK....Old School here.
        French Market Grille- the best soft shell crabs I have had anywhere; fried in corn flour... and the Crab Chops a la Charles- made with applejack brandy- best she-crab soup this side of Charleston.....great marinated shrimp- fresh oysters (clamped shut and opened right before serving) on the half shell,and deserts to die for- and the blackened fish- the real deal, not shook on out of a can but burned on, black and hard.
        Villa Europa- best German I have ate anywhere- Best Scallopini Picatta and a darn good Prime Rib also.....and the Prince Regent Cake; plus a great bar (the real deal liquors from around the world).
        Kudo to Calverts and The Telfare Inn. Aiken also has some really good cutting edge food downtown (Cuzine, Malias, etc).....and do not forget La Cantina (not mexican) near Clarks Hill; best chunk of beef in S.C..

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          How could I forget Villa Europa? Great food :) Man... that puts me in the mood for some schnitzel in a bad way. (Disclaimer: Villa Europa is a client of the company I work for. We developed their website a few years ago.)

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            If you like German food, visit the Augsburg Haus just up the street from MCG on Walton Way. It is smaller and more intimate than Villa Europa's multiple rooms and noisy crowd.
            There is no match in Augusta for the French Market Grille.
            Bonefish Grill on Washington Road has a great bar and wonderful fish.
            The White Elephant downtown has an eclectic menu and good service. Their Wind Down Wednesday tapas and wine are one of the best deals in the city.
            Speaking of Tapas, The Bee's Knees at 10th and Broad is a tapas and bar place that is open later with indoor and al fresco dining. Wonderful place to take a date.

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              Augusta has great food! My personal favorites are....

              Blue Sky Kitchen---soo good. Most of the places downtown have a great food. I love the tuna!

              Shangri-La-- awesome chinese food. Best in Augusta.

              Bee's Knees--a funky restaurant which serves tapas. A great place to hang out and grab a glass of wine with friends.

              The Fresh Market--yes, it is grocery store BUT their deli is awesome and their wraps are fabulous.

              Dunkin' Donuts-- I just love their coffee :)

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                What's the latest in Augusta these days? Heading there in a couple of weeks for a conference...

                Blue Sky Kitchen
                Bee's Knees
                French Market Grille
                Verandah Grill

                All these still good options?

          2. If you'll consider Martinez close enough to Augusta to be included- Cadwalladers on Davis Rd is fabulous! I've had some incredible meals there in very relaxing surroundings.
            I do miss Cafe Du'Teau :(

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              The demise of Cafe DuTeau is a sad loss. Been going there since it was Cafe Natural. Have not explored the dining scene in the Evans area; any suggestions?

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                Khalid Cafe is very good. On Washington Road (left hand side) down past the new YMCA. I haven't been in six months so hopefully nothing has changed? I think I'll check them out again this week.

            2. I am at the golf tournament every april. good food is hard to find, thanks for the head's up.

              1. My husband and I have been in Augusta for a couple of days. We have eaten two places -- Beamies and The Cotton Patch. The Cotton Patch was reasonable, albeit over priced for the quality. It has a great atmosphere of a downtown pub, but the food of an applebee's. Beamies is a dirty little "seafood" joint. The crab cakes are 5% crab and 95% ????? My husband sad his steak was deplorable. If anyone from management or the health department reads this, I hope you will have the grease in french fryer changed. It also took our waitress 10 minutes to bring me another beer 10 feet when we were her only customers. I can see by our experience why we were the only customers.

                1. putting this back at the top as we get closer to The Masters. I am there (for work) every year

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                    I've gone down to Augusta for the last four years to attend the Masters Tournament. As you can well imagine every place in town is packed. These are some of our local favorites:

                    Rae's Coastal Cafe - nestled in a residential area, Rae's serves up good food at a good price. Perhaps a hidden gem because of its location, I've actually seen participants from the tournament eating there. Not expensive (prices DO go up Masters week), but not a burger joint either.

                    French Market Grille - again fairly inexpensive, but decent food. The place is usually packed.

                    Villa Europa - I remember being in kind of a shady area. Noisy small spaces, but decent food.

                    Public House - an upscale steak house that serves good food. It's a little pricier, but we ended up coming here to escape the wait at French Market Grille. I liked it quite a bit, but is a fancier place.

                    Calvert's - I feel the prices are a little steep for what you get. My boss likes it. I don't.

                    Bistro 491 - one thing my boss and I agree on: this is our favorite spot in Augusta. Awesome food, diverse menu, smart decor, and good wine. We typically eat here on Sunday night. It is on the more pricey side, but if I had to pick a favorite, there's nothing close to this place. Reservations a few days in advance typically aren't a problem.

                  2. Also, lets talk about Rhinehart's. Good place for a very casual meal.
                    Good shrimp and crab legs and I like most things on there menu. They have a special every day. It's one of those sit at picnic tables places. If only one couple is sitting at the table and it is croweded you just ask if you can sit at
                    the other end. Very unconventional but fun!! Price are good too!

                    1. Rhineharts on Washington road and the other location on Belair Road are awesome places too. ( I prefer Belair Road) It's a totally different type of atmosphere yea, but still really cool and the staff there have always been way more down to Earth and almost like friends than anywhere else I've gone around there