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Jun 1, 2007 01:34 AM

Salmon & Arugula?

Anyone have any ideas? Is this a wretched combo?
Perhaps a salad? Or something that is easily portable to take to work...

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  1. My idea would be salmon with an arugula salad, but that's pretty expected - maybe someone else has a more creative idea?
    Perhaps put them both between bread for a sandwich?

    1. I was just thinking the same thing (cause that's what is in the fridge) and I found this

      1. Ditto on that; or simply season and grill the salmon (you could poach too). Toss arugula with EVOO and lemon; add sea salt. Chunk salmon in it and lay on top. I have brought this to work on many an occasion, BUT you must add the dressing afterwards or it will "ccok" the arugula.

        1. Make a pesto/chimmichurri out of the arugula- it is pepperier and more bitter than the basil or parsley variety, but it is quite tasty with beef and I suspect salmon- Perhaps put a rub on the salmon before searing or grilling it with a touch of sweetness.

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            That sounds great as I am a HUGE chimmichurri fan! I will try that & report back...
            how about a tossing the chimmi' will spuds (maybe baby yukons or the farmer's market special) too? Yummm...

            Thanks y'all!

            1. re: lunchbox

              d'oh! thanks for reminding me that arugula can become pesto - I'm going to try that with the rest of the bag, over new red potatoes

              we ended up wanting fire, so I did a thai thing with funky shrimp paste, habaneros, thai basil, garlic, shallot, tamari and woking the salmon in that with wilted arugula and rice on the side, all topped with scallions