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May 31, 2007 11:05 PM


I ate at the Century City branch today and I was impressed. I had the 1/2 pound burger with bacon, cheese and grilled onions. I'm not a fan of putting my own toppings on, but aside from that I highly recommend it.

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  1. PimpinDG, the first time was at a Fuddruckers I was as impressed as you were. The burgers were done very nicely, just the right way, the topping looked good and tasted good and the atmosphere was quite pleasent.
    Since then I have been at different locations many times and my summary would be: Inconsistent. Often I was disappointed with the location being uncomfortable or not very clean or the burgers tasting all that great, etc. But then once in a while I go back again, and I'm pleasantly surprised.
    Overall the concept behind Fuddruckers is a good idea, they just need to get the place to consistently live up to higher standards.

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      FoodFetish describes Fuddruckers very accurately, and over many years my observations are the same.

      A very good Fuddruckers is the one just off the Windy Hill exit off I-75 a few miles north of downtown Atlanta. One of the worst is in Asheville NC.