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May 31, 2007 09:31 PM

Coaticook ice cream

Any opinions on the Quebec-based Coaticook ice cream? Where can I find it in Montreal(I think I might of seen it in Marche des Saveurs at J-T Market)? What flavour of Coaticook ice cream is best?

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  1. You can find it at this little ice cream shop on Bernard below Parc called D'une Glace a L'Autre (171 Bernard W). I haven't sampled it however.

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    1. re: swissfoodie

      It is on sale this week at Supermarché PA (Parc, between St-Joseph and Laurier, east side of street).

    2. it's pretty good. I tried plain vanilla last week and I like a stronger vanilla taste, but for the price, it's a good product. with some fresh strawberries on top- YUM.

      Both of my local grocery stores carry it.. Provigo at Cote Vertu/Decarie & Metro at Cote Vertu/Montpellier.

      1. I've seen at a lot of it at Loblaws and Provigos. It good, but it 's not that great. I find it too airy and low on flavour. I guess its claim to fame is the short ingredient list. Yes, this is what our world has come to.

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          my first job was scooping ice cream- I now always smash the air out the cheap stuff. It just tastes creamier, and more like hand-packed.

        2. I've seen Coaticook in various grocery stores. I've seen it at the PA Grocery store on Fort street. As for its's not bad. If memory serves, they have a strawberry cheesecake one, and that's decent. I don't mean to damn the product with faint praise, but it's been a while since I had it, and I remember not being wowed or bowled over by its flavour.

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          1. re: Chai Latte

            From checking, they have a cherry cheesecake one(not strawberry). Noticed for Coaticook's strawberry ice cream, they say 'real strawberries.' So they're ice cream companies that don't use real strawberries(I'm guessing they use flavourings instead)?

            1. re: BLM

              I have developed an allergy to Strawberries but one of the reasons my wife and I were prompted to retire here were the Strawberries and blueberries available at the stands between Sherbrooke and Coaticook. Sometimes I still think the strawberries would be worth the itch but my wife watches me like a hawk.

          2. They have it at my IGA in Lachine too, one of the few remaining commercial companies using pure cream and not "modified milk solids".

            Al little light on the flavouring though.