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Coaticook ice cream

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Any opinions on the Quebec-based Coaticook ice cream? Where can I find it in Montreal(I think I might of seen it in Marche des Saveurs at J-T Market)? What flavour of Coaticook ice cream is best?

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  1. You can find it at this little ice cream shop on Bernard below Parc called D'une Glace a L'Autre (171 Bernard W). I haven't sampled it however.

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      It is on sale this week at Supermarché PA (Parc, between St-Joseph and Laurier, east side of street).

    2. it's pretty good. I tried plain vanilla last week and I like a stronger vanilla taste, but for the price, it's a good product. with some fresh strawberries on top- YUM.

      Both of my local grocery stores carry it.. Provigo at Cote Vertu/Decarie & Metro at Cote Vertu/Montpellier.

      1. I've seen at a lot of it at Loblaws and Provigos. It good, but it 's not that great. I find it too airy and low on flavour. I guess its claim to fame is the short ingredient list. Yes, this is what our world has come to.

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          my first job was scooping ice cream- I now always smash the air out the cheap stuff. It just tastes creamier, and more like hand-packed.

        2. I've seen Coaticook in various grocery stores. I've seen it at the PA Grocery store on Fort street. As for its taste...it's not bad. If memory serves, they have a strawberry cheesecake one, and that's decent. I don't mean to damn the product with faint praise, but it's been a while since I had it, and I remember not being wowed or bowled over by its flavour.

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            From checking, they have a cherry cheesecake one(not strawberry). Noticed for Coaticook's strawberry ice cream, they say 'real strawberries.' So they're ice cream companies that don't use real strawberries(I'm guessing they use flavourings instead)?

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              I have developed an allergy to Strawberries but one of the reasons my wife and I were prompted to retire here were the Strawberries and blueberries available at the stands between Sherbrooke and Coaticook. Sometimes I still think the strawberries would be worth the itch but my wife watches me like a hawk.

          2. They have it at my IGA in Lachine too, one of the few remaining commercial companies using pure cream and not "modified milk solids".

            Al little light on the flavouring though.

            1. I think it's quite good. I know people who have nothing but when it comes to store bought ice cream, and I'd have to agree. I've only had the vanilla. As to those who find that it's too light and airy, I quite like that aspect of it.

              It's a definite try... shouldn't be too difficult to find in Montreal given that it's a relatively local product.

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                it was in the provigo flyer today (3.99), so they must carry it in all their stores.

              2. A scoop of vanilla coaticook and a shot of Irish cream liquer sure do make my father-in-law's coffee more potable!

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                  This is all good to know. The kiddies love ice cream, but I am going on the assumption that the modified milk ingredient in most ice cream comes from 2000-cow dairy farms in the USA, and it's been hard to find an ice cream that is not artisanal to serve them. Nice to know that there is a grocery ice cream that is made with milk and cream from Quebec cows.

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                    Are you saying that other "local" ice cream brands like Québon are made with imported milk?

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                      Liberté was using milk solids for a while and I had stopped buying their yoghourt because I found that the texture was off. They have gone back to using real milk, though. I figure they are 100% local, unless their are exeptions for importing organic milk.

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                        Speaking of Liberté, has anyone tried the new Méditerrannée Frozen yogurt? I was eyeing it at the store the other day, but $6 is steep! Maybe it's worth it?

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                          It's really quite good. What is nice is they are the only ones to make a plain flavour (not vanilla). It's a little sweeter than regular plain yogurt but not coy like vanilla can be. Very refreshing with some summer berries in syrup or fresh peaches with mint.

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                          I live 300 meters from Vermont so I consider Vermont local. I lived for many years in Chicago where Oberweis was what you bought when you wanted milk that tastes good. Vermont milk and Vermont dairy products are local and they taste good I understand Liberty uses Vermont milk.

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                          Producers will use imported milk solids (basically, powdered milk, b/c liquid milk cannot be imported) because they are cheaper (dumped on our market). See http://www.laitequitable.ca/en/ for the problems facing our local dairy farmers.

                          At the very least, I try to avoid modified milk ingredients because the process oxidizes the cholesterol it contains.

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                            Yes most (not) "local" brands use MMS as we'll refer to them now as they have been snapped up by international conglomerates (parmalat) or are becoming one (saputo) and/or are facing stiff competiton.

                            Even so called "premium" and "double-churned-realcream-whatchamacallit" brands use MMS extensively. Read the ingredient list carefully.

                            On a side note the IGA espresso frozen yogurt rocks.
                            P.S. To my side note: Homemade coffee yogurt fudsicles and great, easy and cheap to make!

                      2. Marché Akhavan on Sherbrooke st in NDG has a good selection, the maple sugar uses real maple sugar !

                        1. L'Oasis du cycliste , an ice cream joint on St-Zotique and iberville, right on the St-Zothique bike path has Cooaticook ice cream

                          1. Checking Marche des Saveurs last weekend, the ice cream that they carry(& that I was thinking of) is Chagnon ice cream(another Quebec ice cream company). Is Chagnon ice cream any good? Marche des Saveurs do also carry Coaticook ice cream, although they were charging $3.49 for the Coaticook 1 litre cartons(Supermarche PA were charging only $1.99 on special last week). Like with Coaticook ice cream, Chagnon promotes that they use real cream.

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                              don't know about chagnon but my girls (and me too, must admit) love the maple sugar coaticook ice cream, which i can find on a semi-regular basis at the iga in st-lambert. as for the mediteranne yoghourt, tried the caramel one, really enjoyed it, although a bit on the pricey side.

                            2. I noticed this brand of ice cream at the Intermarche recently. I think they had 4-5 flavours.

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                                Well, now that I know to look for it, I saw at Maxi. Due to the plain packaging, I always used to think it was a cheap noname brand. It's the only supermarket brand I buy now!

                              2. my family LOVES this creamy ice cream! our fav flavour is the maple sugar. We buy it at Maxi in Pointe Claire!

                                1. Maple sugar is my fav...At least one other guy agrees...


                                  1. If you're still interested, my favourite is the pistachio. They use real pistachio nuts and it tastes like the old fashioned pistachio ice cream from years ago. Coaticook is pretty well sold at most supermarkets. They sell them in 2 litre or 1 litre containers but more flavours are available in the 2 litre containers.

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                                      Whereas the pistachio does have real pistachios in it, it also has some vile flavour that makes it unpleasantly bitter. It tastes nothing like old fashioned pistachio ice cream.

                                      Everything else I have tasted was delicious, though.

                                    2. They have it at both Marche PA on Fort (downtown), and the Provigo on St-Catherine around the corner. My favorite flavors are maple walnut (better than other brands imo) and blueberry.

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                                        My local Metro on Sherbrooke/Victoria has it - as does every IGA I've been in (not that many).

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                                          Is there a reason why people start answering again to a post from 7 years ago? I'm sure the OP found his ice-cream by now.

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                                            The thread was bumped by a random Me-too post. These things happen.

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                                              When I originally posed the question 6.5 years ago, I didn't know much about Coaticook ice cream. Now I can easily find the Coaticook ice cream(in stores & some ice cream shops). Still interested in more feedback. If I want to sample some Coaticook ice cream flavours, it probably best to get it at a ice cream shop that serves Coaticook. However now during the fall/winter months in Montreal many of ice cream shops are closed until next spring.

                                        2. This is the best ice cream you can get...IGA, Metro, SuperC all carry it, My favorite is Pistachio, but cant find it anymore, next would be the Maple Sugar Crunch, right now I am enjoying a bowl of Cotton Candy.....very sweet, but thats my style.

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                                            I recently visited the Laiterie Coaticook factory out in... Coaticook! Well worth a trip if you're in the area. They had tons of ice-cream flavours they don't currently sell in stores, and other dairy stuff like frozen Greek yogurt, cheese curds, mozzarella, and cheddar cheese.

                                            I later wrote to find out where I could find the frozen Greek yogurt in Montreal, and they said the IGA on Cote-St-Luc Rd. and IGA at 1155 Jarry Est carry the Greek yogurt flavour I'd most like to try, a café latte flavour. Has anyone tried it?

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                                              Actually I've tried the Café Latte Greek Yogurt flavour (Super C I think it was)...As someone who has a sweet tooth (huge fan of Maple Sugar Crunch) it's really not my thing...It's not bad, but I won't be buying another tub...As a side note I don't really like coffee either...

                                              One more thing I noticed is that the prices have went up in some stores...$5.49 for a 2L tub...

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                                                Three weeks ago the Cafe Latte was the flavour of the week in the soft ice cream my wife says it was wonderful.

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                                                  I found the cafe latte frozen yogurt this weekend at the IGA on Cote-St-Luc Rd, where they also had all the other Coaticook frozen-yogurt flavours, including strawberry-banana and lemon-lime. I do like it - though it's a bit tangier than I normally like things. Very creamy and I like that the list of ingredients is really short, and it has no artificial aftertaste.

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                                                  I found all the Coaticook frozen yogurt flavours at Super C on St-Jacques in NDG. Bought a second tub of the cafe latte flavour - it grew on me. :-)

                                                  Next time will try the lemon-lime. Hope they create more flavours too.

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                                                    What other flavours are there? I saw vanilla, lemon lime, original and cafe latte.

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                                                        I tried the vanilla. It was extremely yogurty and I didn't like it at all :-(

                                                3. The ice cream counter at the dairy has expanded considerably. Somehow the ice cream at the dairy seems just a cut above the stuff from the supermarket. The cheese curds are fresh daily and the their goat cheese Capricook is great. They are open till 8am-10pm weekdays and 11pm Thursday Friday, Saturday and Sunday they open 11 am Sunday. They are a minute away from the gorge park and there is a new microbrewery pub across the road. Well worth a visit about an hour and a half from the Champlain Bridge.

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                                                    Had to be in Coaticook today so stopped by the dairy. For the past five years I have usually ordered the hard ice cream with the Bordeaux Choco Amaretto being my usual go to flavour. Lately I have been getting the soft ice cream which sends me back in time from before Dairy Queen started serving ice milk. This week's flavour of the week is caramel and not being a big caramel fan I was going to get my old standby. Somehow when it came to order I ordered the hard double chocolate fudge for my wife and out slipped a soft caramel for myself.
                                                    I must say I will only be in Coaticook once more this week and so will only get one more soft caramel ice cream. It may not be worth the hour and half drive from Montreal but it sure comes close.

                                                  2. The maple sugar one, it is soooooooooooooo good! Made with real maple sugar. Just like all the others flavours it is also made with milk and cream, no modified dairy products imported from china. I thought coaticook ice cream was just regular ice cream until i tried that flavour.