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May 31, 2007 08:32 PM

Sweet Pea's, Riverton, Ct.

Anyone been to this place recently? Looking for a pleasant locatioon in the area for an elderly relative on a Sunday PM.

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  1. Rather dismaying that no one had a reply indicating any knowledge of this place. Several family members were there this afternoon and indicated that the food, ambience and service were excellent.

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      Have been there, but a while ago. Outstanding food all around. Beautiful spot, but the atmosphere was marred by overly "friendly" service. I am pretty tolerant, but the waitress was interrupting our conversation to chime in and at times dominating the conversation at our table. A discordant note in an otherwise flawless meal. Still, I intend to return because the food was so good.

      I must also add that my older teen daughter arrived there late with a bunch of friends one Saturday night and were both served and treated beautifully. So, perhaps I shouldn't be complaining about a chatty waitress. JB

    2. We have had nice dinners there in years past - haven't been yet this year. They always manage to present good food and service. Should be fine for your outing. But let us know if it is otherwise.