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May 31, 2007 08:21 PM

Kosher in Paris

Hi - I will be in Paris next week, and am looking for recommendations on the best kosher restaurants. I will only have a few free evenings - so I really want to make sure I hit the must-try places.

As a side note, anyone have experience with Delta's business-class kosher meals out of JFK? I never understand why sometimes airlines can get you a decent, business-class meal, and other give you the same old tv dinner they serve in coach.


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  1. Darjeeling. It's the best. It's Kosher Indian and it's a fleishig joint. Best Kosher Indian in the world.

    1. IIRC, had a big piece on Paris last year. You should be able to find it there.

      We were in Paris last during the 9 days, so I hardly benefitted from the bevy of kosher places there!

      1. I loved Le Telegraphe. It was pricey, but food was unbelievable. I was there on business but told my husband that one day I would take him there one our own dime it was so good.
        I had business class meals on Delta, and it was the same old tv dinner. It irks me beyond words. The meal home from Paris was a little better, but not much.

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          I have not personally been to Le Telegraphe,, but my partner at the office was there and said it blew away any kosher restaurant in Israel or New york.

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            Can you give me the contact information for Le Telegraphe? I tried the number I found on line but it is disconnected, does anyone know if it closed?

          2. Thanks, all, for the recommendations. I will definitely try Le Telegraphe, and will report back on my experience.

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              have you left yet? if not, i have a whole slew of places... let me know i'll post all the links or send a PM out...

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                My wife and I went to 2 kosher restaurants.

                Noa- 11 Ard.
                Food- Exceptional. Much better than Kosher restaruants in Miami and US we've been to (Prime Grill, LeMarais, etc.). My wife had a Tournadous, I had a Foie Gras Burger. The salmon tartare appetizer was delicous. Portions were Miami/New York size (large).
                Cost- Including 1 glass of wine and food above was 80 EUR. Very reasonable and better value that many of the high end non-kosher restaurants we went to.
                Overall- Can't wait to go back. Would go to this restaurant any time.

                Ace du Falafel
                Went for lunch. Falafel and humus were good, as good as New York or Israel. Decent value, informal setting. Good for a quick bite.

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                  dzislin, looking at Noa, I see that it is not in the 11th but the 17th (another neighbourhood with a considerable Jewish population, more upscale than the 11th or the 19th-20th). It also has what looks like a great lunch offer for 13€, including a starter and main dish or main dish and dessert, as well as a very interesting offer for birthday celebrations:

            2. Others have pretty much mentioned the places I would suggest but if you go to you will get most of the restaurants and their menus. Plus don't forget to go to the speciality food shops. For the flight back you can always make yourself a foie gras sandwich if the Delta kosher meal isn't good.

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                anybody know the Hechsher of 1) Le Telegraphe 2) Noa and spacesasha, which specialty shoppes?

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                  I think Le telegraphe is beth-din de paris and I know Noa is beth-din de paris. Most restaurants are unless they are supervised by rotenberg or lubavitch, in generl the hechshers of paris can be trusted. As for speciality shops go to adolphe and you won't be disappointed. But honestly look at and you should find everything you need.