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Sub Sandwiches / Panini's

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Looking for great sub sandwiches in SF. I don't mean Quiznos or Subway. Also looking for good panini sandwiches. Are there any places?

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  1. Try SubCenter in West Portal. One of the best subs I ever had!

    1. Hot subs or cold subs? For either, try Gambino's in #1 Embarcadero Center, SF on the street level.

      1. MOLINARI'S in North Beach

        1. How about "South" SF?--Little Lucca is worth the drive.

          Link: http://www.littlelucca.com/

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            That place rocks for quality and value. A friend took me there a 3-4 times. A regular sub can easily feed two normal people and if I recall, everything is under/around $5 bucks. Huge selection too.

          2. I enjoy il massimo lounge for paninis... it's on market, just east of the hyatt regency. Fresh ingredients, good bread, and great side salads, too.

            Gambino's would be my vote for sub sandwiches in the financial district and definitely Little Lucca's in So SF if that's not too far. Mr. Pickle in So SF also does a pretty good sub, too.

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              D Cafe - 2945 Junipero Serra Blvd. in Daly City(diagonally across from In&Out - in the gym "What A Racquet"). Excellent sandwiches/paninis with the freshest ingredients and choice meats. You can ask for your sandwich to be tailored according to your liking.

            2. good luck! If you are looking for an ino or inoteca from new york its not in sf. there are though great sub places to go mentioned in previous replies. My favorite is the one in west portal.

              1. I was very disappointed by Gambino's (very dry turkey sub), and much prefer Yellow Sub. But I'd really like to find a place in the Financial District or a short MUNI ride from it. Recos?

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                1. Viking's Giant Submarines - on Lombard
                  Genova in Oakland - pretty good

                  Petite Lulu- in the ferry plaza makes some great sandwiches

                  Delissio market- 0n Market they make great pressed sandwiches

                  Mario's Bohemian Cigar Store Cafe- Iove both the eggplant or meatball panini.

                  Still I have not had as good of a sub as the one from my hometown Santa Barbara, if you ever go to SB go to Tinos Italian Market- THE BEST!

                  1. Darby Dan's on Airport Ave in South SF is good - along the lines of Little Lucca. They're known for a sandwich called the "Sleeper" - get the garlic sauce/mayo and the jalapeno spread/sauce. Good place to pick up something to take on the plane - very close to SFO.


                    1. Any South Bay recs? A good sandwich is a rare bird between Palo Alto and San Jose.

                      1. Supersubs on Gough street almost to Market is one of the best Phillystyle cheesestake places in town. They use Acme bread which they toast with cheese and then pile on whatever you want. Particularly good are the steak and mushroom. They have been in business for years and the lady who owns it is a hoot. The price is right too, a large which will usually feed 2 is under 9 bucks.

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                          Super Subs Sandwich Shop
                          100 Gough St
                          San Francisco, CA 94102
                          (415) 863-4149

                          Is Super Subs possibly the not-correctly-identified-place near Paige and Gough described in this old post from sweet Mrs. Smith?

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                            Yep Melanie, they be one and the same.

                        2. Mastrelli's in the Ferry Building is definitely worth checking out.

                          1. Melanie, It's been at least 15 years since I've eaten there. It was good back then, but I couldn't really say one way or the other now.

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                              You've resisted so long, maybe that says something too. Thanks.

                            2. Chiming in with another rec for Sub Center in West Portal (superior to Yellow Sub IMO). Also try AK Sub, with two locations, on Clement and SOMA (Harrison/8th?).

                              1. Does anyone have an opinion on Roxie's Deli out by SF City College?