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May 31, 2007 05:58 PM


Have a reservation at Corks for Friday night. Suggestions on what to get? I don't eat fish/seafood. It's a special occasion for the SO and i.

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  1. I visited Corks about a month ago, so I'm not sure if you'll be eating off the same menu. Overall, it was a pretty good experience. I had a delicious duck leg confit--perfectly seared and very tender and juicy. Another item of interest was the foie gras terrine. It sat on a bed of greens and cornbread. Can you tell that I like duck? For my entree I had ordered the beef tips, but they were not cooked as ordered. I had asked for medium rare and they came out medium to medium-well done. Dessert was just over the top. Huge plumes of chocolate mousse and fresh whipped cream. Deliciousness! Since it's a special occasion, I suggest you splurge a bit. Get a few bottles of wine or even half bottles, which they offer, as well. Let us know how it all goes. Happy dining!

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        I posted about Corks a few weeks ago. My wife and I went and ate off of their "10 year anniversary" menu. So disappointing. Nothing was particularly bad, it's just that nothing was great. If you're going to dinner for a special occassion, I would look elsewhere. I just don't understand how that place stayed in business for 10 years. A decent duck salad appetizer, a very forgettable steak for me and a boring fish dish for my wife. Dessert that was fine, some chocolate thing that was also very forgettable.

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          Suggestions as to what else to get at Corks or another restaurant?

          I've only been to Corks just that one time, so I can't elaborate or provide additional suggestions. I have mostly heard only positive things about it, except for a few bad experienced here and there. Interested to read how it goes for you.

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            Not sure what price range Jes is looking for, but there are a few places I would be much happier going to for dinner. Saffron (though I saw the chef is leaving soon, not sure when), Tio Pepe, Charleston (very expensive), Brewer's Art, B bistro, Prime Rib, Capital Grille, Pazo (may be too noisy for a nice romantic dinner).

            As far as other places to avoid- Nasu Blanca (ok, but overpriced) Morton's (worst service i've ever received), Louisiana (again, just ok, nothing spetacular).

            Maybe I'm too picky, but I don't think so. I just think that when you commit to spending $20+ per entree, and more for appetizer + wine + dessert, you shouldn't leave a restaurant feeling like the meal was just ok. Corks is just ok.

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              Thanks for the suggestions. My boyfriend has his heart set on trying Corks so were going Friday to celebrate him turning in his thesis.

              What should we wear?

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                I think business causal is the proper term. Khakis and a nice polo or even an airy button down shirt for your boyfriend would work. Tell us all about it!

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                  yes, please report back. maybe my so-so experience was unique.

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                    well he generally knows what to wear, it's me thats the problem, but a little summer dress should be okay?

        2. We had a nice time at Corks. We started with a "chip and dip" appetizer which was thin waffle potato chips with a beet dip. The dip was so good we were using the extra bread to sop it up after the chips were gone. I had the watermelon salad which was watermelon, olives, balsamic vinegar and some type of herb (sorry forgot what and the website menu doesnt reflect the one that we were given) and then quail with polenta and artichokes. The greens that came with the quail were a bit too salty but other than that everything was good. He had the spinach salad with peaches, vidalia onions and some type of nut and then scallop asparagus risotto. His salad was great. I don't eat scallops but I tasted the asparagus risotto and enjoyed it. He said the scallops were good as well. For dessert we split the vanilla bean creme brulee which was wonderful. We also had 2 1/2 bottles of wine. Service was wonderful. Overall we enjoyed the night very much and I consider it worth the $150.
          I'd defiently go back althogh since I dont regualrly go out at that price point there are several more restaurants in that range I'd like to try for the next special occasion (Bicycle, Timothy Dean seem to top my list)

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            Glad to read you enjoyed yourself. Let me throw my two cents in about Bicycle and Timothy Dean. First, let me state that I went to Timothy Dean with six other friends about two years ago, which was around the time it had opened to rave reviews and high expectations. It not only fell flat, it was horrible! We had placed reservations, but when we arrived they had not even set up our table. Service was mediocre, to say the least, from start to finish. The food was just as lackluster, if not worse. I had a lobster bisque which was as runny as pure water--and the lobster was tough, too. Then, I had a caesar salad. How could you go wrong there? Well, they burned--and I mean blackened--the parmesan crisp. For my entree, I had ordered the duck confit. It tasted like a dry turkey leg--no joking. The only saving grace was dessert, but it was typical: a chocolate lava cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I won't go into detail about what others ordered, except to say that a friend ordered the fancy mac-n-cheese, which came with truffles and lobster, and by no means is she a culinary afficiando, but her remark was, "It tastes like it came out of box." Judging on our evening, I'm sure it did! I have not been back since and it'll take a tremendous amount of energy--and perhaps someone else to pay the bill--for me to return.

            On the other hand, Bicycle is a delicious treat. I've been several times, with small groups, large groups, and no matter when we go, weeknights or weekends, it's in tip top shape. The food is always very good--and I especially enjoy the strong flavors and spices which the kitchen uses. If it's still on the menu, definitely grab the mongolian bbq beef short ribs. They will knock you off your chair, they're that good! It's perhaps a little bit more casual than Corks, and their wine list is not that extensive, but the food is impressive and the ambience is welcoming.

            Hope this helps with your next meal out!