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just moved to hell's kitchen...er...clinton

i know the area a little, but looking for any recommendations for just about anything - wine shops, cheese, fish, restaurants, coffee, bread. anything that might be your fave and could soon be mine.

many thanks.

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  1. Here are some that I found using the search, which I highly suggest for this topic.


    Also... check out the Vintner Market next to Ninth Ave Vintner (at 46th st) for cheese.

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      ...and i thought i was the only one.

      thanks for digging that up. and for vintner's.


    2. Amy's Bread has its flagship location there. If you don't mind paying an arm and a leg for good bread, this is your store. As for restos, ones that come up a lot on this board:

      El Centro
      Hell's Kitchen
      Empanada Mama
      Pam's Real Thai
      Wondee Siam
      Kashkaval (it's a wine bar / tapas place where you can also buy cheese and other good things)

      There's a hole in the wall Peruvian place called Rinconcito Peruano that's actually pretty good, too.

      The Amish Market is great for hard to fine cheeses, good produce, and all sorts of neat (overpriced) things. I forget if they sell fresh fish.

      Wine shops... well, you're not *that* far away from Acker Merral and 67 Wines. I'm afraid that it's slim pickings in that area. Astor Wines delivers.

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        thanks much for the info.

        i know amy's and a few of the restaurants, though rinconcito is totally unknown to me. i will definitely check that out. i remember when kashkaval was simply a cheese shop. interesting to see that it has expanded.

        yeah, i know wine is hard. when i originally cased the area, i saw a shop across from the alvin alley dance theatre. also, there's 57th street wines, but i was wondering if there was something i had missed.

        thanks much for the imput.

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          Since this is a topic that does come up quite a bit, I should add that frequent mentions don't necessarily equate to great food. El Centro and Eatery are two good examples of this. They both have a decent thing or two on their menus (margaritas and macaroni & cheese, respectively), but they're pretty mediocre.

          Ninth Ave. Vintner is a very decent wine shop, by the way.

          Don't forget Market Café and Sandwich Planet further down 9th Ave., as well as Kyotofu and Sushi Jun for Japanese food.

          And as for the Wondees vs. Pam, I'd go to eat at Wondee I, order out from Wondee II, and take my chances with Pam Real Thai if I were feeling up for a hit-or-miss meal. The 47th Street Encore joint is really not worth a visit. Breeze, on 9th and 46th is actually very solid, although it's very mod-Thai.


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        2. 9th avenue vintner for wine (next to the recommendation for vintner market for cheese). Also -- I think, though I am not sure, that rinconcito has been closed for some time now. I could be wrong, but thought I would raise the issue.

          1. Also -- I moved to hells kitchen back in October and asked a similar question. I still reference the answers I received on this link...


            1. There are only a few hounds that mentioned Bali Nusa Indah, and I want to say I love this place for authentic Indonesian food. Their ikan pepes and lontong are great!

              1. There's my favorite Westerly Market on 8th Ave and 54th. Predominantly a health store, they've got a great selection of organic veggies and hormone-free poultry. It's also a great place for staples like pasta (I believe they carry items like De Cecco in addition to the brown rice pasta, etc.) and grains and legumes.

                I also like Azuri on 10th Ave for falafel and salads. Amy's is good for bread and desserts. You also have Sullivan's Street Bakery (which is my favorite) for bread as well. Wondee Siam is my favorite for Thai in the area. There are some Mexican places on 10th ave. Don't remember their names off-hand. Shimizu for sushi. Plataforma for churrascaria.

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                  i don't know the westerly at all - which is the reason that prompted me to write this post. thanks much for the info.

                  i know wondee and have enjoyed the food; plataforma is a place i've read about - no doubt here, in fact - but haven't stopped in yet. shimizu is new to me as well.

                  ah, sullivan street, though...i do love their celery root pizza, as well as their bread.

                  thanks much.

                2. I'm a big fan of Taboon on 52nd/10th. The best bread you'll ever have with some great dipping. Delicious fish and lamb in their special oven. Great vibe.

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                    caselluna (sp?) opened up on 9th and 52nd and got great reviews as wine bar. Unfortunately I haven't tried it yet.

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                      just posted here about casellula, been there twice already and love it (alas my post was removed). Also Riposo 46 for a great wine bar (and I love their brunch too, it's delicious). Nook for good food (try the mushroom cigars) and byob!

                  2. hero boy has good italian heros on 9th ave. THe fish store on 9th and 40th is one of the best and cheapest in manhattan. theres a good spice store on 39th and 9th. Too bad supreme macaroni is no longer around,,, you can also get a decent steak at Uncle jack's on 9th.