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May 31, 2007 05:38 PM

Sunday Challenge HELP!

I have a cousin visiting this Sunday and we need to find a place to eat... looking at old posts has proven futile in this case. There are so many cooks in the kitchen implementing various restrictions that I am truly at a loss on this one. Help me, fellow chowhounders! Think of it as a challenge! Below are the restrictions:
1. Restaurant has to be open for a late-ish (8pm?) dinner on a Sunday
2. We have 2 vegetarians in the party
3. Party is large, 6 or 7 people
4. Place needs to be CHEAP to moderate (please no more than $13/$14 entrees!)
5. He will only go downtown!
We are ok with casual spots, like in Chinatown or what have you, but it needs to be a comfortable place to sit and have a meal. Thanks and I look forward to your ideas!

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  1. How about the Redwood Bar & Grill? I haven't been, but recall hearing some pretty good things on this board. Plus it's downtown, open late, most entrees are around $13 and it's got vegetarian items.

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      I was going to suggest that but it is definitely a bar type of atmosphere, so I don't know if that would be appropriate. Otherwise Pete's Cafe, Full House Seafood, or one of the big restaurants on Olvera Street.

    2. La Serenata de Garibaldi just gets into the budget, and that'd probably be my first pick...
      Checkers might be another option
      or Casey's Irish Bar and Grille with good veggie options
      Gills Indian is good for both meat/veggie peeps
      No, not ideal, but California Pizza Kitchen is downtown and accomodating and cheap... Add a caramelized parmesan thin bubbly pizza crust to any salad for a buck!

      1. PETE'S on 4th and main is a great place. i always go there before theater. entrees are probably on the high end of your price range, but they have great food and a old timey but hip "cheers-style" atmosphere.

        1. Try Grill Lyon in Little Tokyo.

          Open till 9 on Sundays and they validate parking.

          Grill Lyon
          424 East Second Street (@ Honda Plaza)
          (213) 620-0050

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            So it's not true - they aren't closing afterall? (i recalled this post)



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              Hmm ... I guess they are. Totally forgot about that. Sorry.

          2. Thanks SO MUCH for all of your suggestions! I wanted to try Gill's, but it doesn't seem to be open Sunday after all :( Everyone seems to like Pete's, but I think that it might push us over budget. I think we're going to try the Redwood! I'll keep you posted on the results!