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May 31, 2007 05:32 PM

Chocolate to go

I've been invited to a party where guests are to bring a few pieces of great chocolate - truffles, brownies, whatever. I don't cook so I'm definitely bringing something from a local restaurant, bakery or chocolate shop. I'd love to bring something unique but I'll settle for just something great. Recommendations?

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  1. Go to Soma in the Distillery District. Many unique items there. If beverages are an option, get a package of the Mayan hot chocolate mix. Mix it onsite in the highly concentrated mode (rather than diluted with lots of milk) and offer shots of it.

    1. I agree with the Soma recommendation. I quite like their dark chocolate dipped candied orange peel. I have bought the Mayan hot chocolate mix but it never quite turns out as good as the store's.

      1. I second soma. Not only are their truffles, house-made chocolate bars and hot chocolate mix wonderful, but they have great cookies too. Another great option is senses; there is a location on yonge and also one in the soho metropolitan hotel.

        1. I'm very curious to check out Soma. It sounds great and I love the Distillery.

          My fave chocolates are MarieBelle Chocolates from Soho, NYC. I have not recently looked for them in Toronto, but I read on these boards that Niche Coffee & Tea Company carried them a few months ago. They now have two locations:

          They have always been a hit when I've presented them to friends and family as a gift. They are a true piece of art [the process of decorating them is akin to silk-screening by hand]. They are modern and unique and they have an endless variety of dee-lish flavours -- including caipirinha, earl grey tea, champagne, dulce de leche, passion fruit, manjari, lavender, etc. -- they're incredible. And they come wrapped in their signature blue box with brown ribbon. The wonderful thing about their Soho store is that you can actually hand pick the exact flavours that you want for your box of chocolates.

          Here's the official site if you'd like to see what they look like:

          Their hot chocolate is a huge hit in NYC -- people buy them as gifts, weeks in advance before they sell out in December for the holiday season. The hot chocolate comes in a variety of flavours but the Maya Hot Chocolate and the Dark Aztec Hot Chocolate seem to be the biggest hits.

          I know that back in December, Chapters in Toronto was selling MarieBelle hot chocolate in their gift department, but I didn't see the blue boxes of chocolates.

          If anyone on these boards can confirm whether Niche still carries MarieBelle [or any other place that carries MB], I'd love to hear about it.

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            I checked Niche Coffee today and they don't carry the chocolates. Too bad, since they look lovely. If anybody knows somewhere in Toronto that carries MarieBelle, I'd also love to hear. (I'm not sure if they ship to Canada, but I like to see things like this up close before I choose.)

            1. re: idnas

              Oh, that's too bad. :-( They unfortunately don't ship to Canada [as of yet]. If I hear of any news, I'll certainly post here.

              Luckily, though, there seems to be no shortage of great recommendations for chocolates on this board! I'm sure that you'll find something fabulous.

          2. If you want to go for baked goods rather than truffles, pusateri's carries a wonderful array of pastries from bakeries all over toronto. You would have a lot of selection there, and everything I have bought from there has been very fresh.

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              I took a look at Pusateri's and there are a few possibilities there. What caught my eye was an assortment of chocolate souffles - caramel, raspberry and coconut (three different ones, not combined). Has anyone tried those?