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May 31, 2007 04:49 PM

June 2007 - Grocery Outlet ... Boxed wines, Fish Eye 3L $2.99, King Fish 1.5L $1.99

Regular prices:

Fish Eye Pinot Grigio 17.99. Albertson had the 3L box on sale for $14.99.

King Fish Merlot, Chardonnay, Shiraz $9.99

The 1.5 King Fish Wine box contains 2 regular bottles, so that is $1 a bottle.

Here's another mention with a link to a favorable SF Gate mention for the shiraz.

I liked the merlot the best. The shiraz is jammy which is not something I like in wine. The Chardonnay is good too, but the Fish Eye pinot grigio is a better value and taste, though slightly sweeter.

The 3 L Fish Eye wine box has 4 regular bottles so that breaks down to 75 cents each. The Pinot Grigio is one of the better boxed wines I've tried. Here's another Chowhound report about it.

There's also 5 liter Franzia boxed chardonnay for $5.99 ... but the Fish wines are a better deal.

All above available currently at San Pablo GO. The King Fish was spotted at the Oakland GO ... go.

Other deals this week

Judy's organic eggs - 18 for $1.99
Horizon Organic cheese - 8 oz $1.59
Aidell's organic andoulle - $2.99
Aidell's apricot ginger sausage ... a kielbasa-sized link for $3.99
Maxwell House 11 oz brick Columian coffee - $1.99
Sarah Lee baked Virginia ham - $1.59 pkg ... good ingrediant list that isn't junky ... be warned one of the ingrediants is cloves.

Ongoing bargains

Sarah Lee bread $1.69 ... the buttermilk is quite good.
Tomatoes - 50 cents lb
Miracle Whip - quart $1.99 ... leave me alone. I like MW
Covey Run chardonnay $.1.49 bottle ... which seems absolutely pricy at this point.

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  1. This week's deals that I noticed

    Jones soda - 12 for $2.99 ... flavors were strawberry lime, lemon drop and green apple
    Horizon organic yogurt - 3 for $1 ... 4oz cups ... expiration date Jul 24
    Land O Lakes butter ... regular or unsalted ... 1 lb $2.49
    Black Swan boxed wine - 4 liters ... $2.99 ... Chardonnay (ick) or Shiraz (not bad). It's Black Swan ... if you like the bottled wine .. its the same.

    All of the above in the OP are still on sale except the Maxwell Houe coffee, Fish Eye boxed wine and Sarah Lee ham. The King Fish seems to be nearing the end.

    Aidelles continues to expand its selection of sausages and meatballs. Skip the sun-dried tomato meatballs. Was going to get the chipotle meat balls, but they were gone. Instead there's buffalo wing chicken meatballs.

    Another recent grocery outlet post

    1. I'm amazed that you haven't mentioned my favorite GO section - the Cheeses. Many serviceable 'everyday' cheeses are always available at good prices (<$4/lb). I always look for the unique blowouts that are there because they didn't sell in Middle America. For instance, they have Jeremiah's Horseradish Jack - amazing taste for $1.99/lb. Also, they have Rumiano Extra Sharp Cheddar for $3.49/lb.

      I'm REALLY disappointed in Aidells. They seem to have given up on pork. The andouille PORK is nowhere to be found. Chicken and turkey sausage - feh. IMO buffalo wing meatballs are one of the very few acceptable uses for ground chicken or turkey; better the meat should flavor a good stock.

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      1. re: DiveFan

        That might be why Aidells is showing up at GO. thanks for the tip on the buffalo. That sun-dried tomato was such an awful, salty mess I've been reluctant to try another flavor even at the deep discount.

        I'm not that knowledgable about cheese outside of the Cheeseboard or some specific cheese I read about, so I don't usually experiment with that. They do have good sliced cheese though. Land o Lakes deli slices are really good when they have it ... just milk, no oils. Actually that got me looking at sliced cheeses and pretty much all brands deli sliced cheese are real cheese and not oil and junk.

        Forgot ... Vita Herring is on sale for $1.99 a jar ... regular and in sour cream. They had another brand which sold out, but i didn't like it too much due to high saltiness.

        1. re: DiveFan

          IIRC the Aidells products at GO are all turkey and chicken based, just like those sold at Costco etc. Except for the novelty of buffalo wing meatballs :-) perhaps the public has the good sense to reject some of these strange concoctions of poultry. IMO the SFBA headquartered Aidells has been unduly influenced by the local PC non-red-meat-faux-vegetarian crowd. You know, the ones who only get chicken tikka masala at IndoPak restaurants. GRRRR.
          Great tip on Vita Herring. Hope they haven't sold out when I go back for more Horseradish Jack!

          1. re: DiveFan

            Well, I've eaten my last Aidell's meat ball ... made of any meat. The pineapple teriyaki tastes neither of pineapple nor teriyaki. In fact, they tasted little different than the buffalo wing meat balls ... the latter having a darker color and more spice.

            I had some leftover sauce from some spring rolls and to use it up I thought the pineapple teriyaki might be a good match with rice. Not.

            1. re: rworange

              I agree on the meatballs, especially the chipotle, and I'm a chipotle fan. Mushy texture, bland and pointless. Do watch for great 1/4 wheel chunks of Saint Andre triple cream cheese. I've seen it for $12.99 a pound & up elsewhere. Petaluma GO had it yesterday at $5.99 each. Still fine to eat, just trim off the exposed edge of paste. I found the rind abit crumbly, so just eat around it.

        2. GO's deals still surprise me. BTW I've found better selection at the Oakland branch vs. Pleasant Hill. Some recent deals:
          Samuel Smith ale, 4x350ml for 2.50
          Genoa salami 'ends', 2# for 4.99
          Hillshire smkd beef sausage, 1# for 1.99 (think hot dog substitute)
          Tillamook cheddar, 1# for 2.99
          (Texas made) frozen biscuits, 1#(?) for 1.49 (WAY better than national brand tubes)
          Gibson fortified wines, 750ml for 2.99 ea
          San Luis sliced sourdough, 2# for 1.79

          They taken the value wine crown from TJ, at least in the $5 and under category....

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          1. re: DiveFan

            Those Gibson fortified wines aren't bad, especially for cooking. The marsala was the best with the sherry next and then the port.

            This week if you have one of the coupons they were giving out, there was a free 64 ounce bottle of Tree Top apple juice with a $10 purchase ... liquor and dairy excluded. However, they have Chicken of the Sea tuna packed in water 2 for $1. Stocking up on tuna, not only would get a great bargain there, but also score a free apple juice ... btw, if you are not all that into tuna, All laundry detergent is on sale for $2.99. It is the regular concentrate size that usually goes for $6.99.

            Next week ... well, starting Wednesday ... it is $5 off a $20 purchase.

          2. Last week I picked up Potato Fingers chips, made in Georgia, for 99ยข with an August 6 expiry date at the Marina store. Maybe they're in the Bay Area stores too. They're quite nice, thin and crispy and the potato flavor is more prominent than the taste of the non-transfat oil. They seem a bit less salty than Lay's to me.

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            1. re: Melanie Wong

              My housemate was frying up some potstickers last night. I tried one, and they were surprisingly good for frozen, packaged dumplings (not what I would call potstickers, though, more like a pan-fried har gao), with a decent shrimp filling. She said she got them at Grocery Outlet (not sure which one, probably Oakland), and they were a couple of bucks for a good sized (12 ounces, maybe) pouch. I don't remember the brand, but there's another one in the freezer, so I'll follow-up.

              1. re: Ruth Lafler

                Chung's potstickers -- 15 oz/20 potstickers.

              2. re: Melanie Wong

                Went back for more chips today and the plain salted ones were all gone, but we got barbecue and sour cream & chive to try.

                Haven't looked at the wine selection for a while, and this time noticed a lot of Forest Glen bottlings. The 2005 California Riesling and 2005 California Gewurztraminer were both priced at $3.99, might be worth trying as that was a good but large vintage and a lot of good juice was bulked off. Anyone tasted these?

              3. What's the Redwood City branch of GO like? It's the easiest one for me to visit -- hope it's good.