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May 31, 2007 04:03 PM

NYC Fine Dining with Kids

San Francisco Foodie Staying near Grand Central Station in a couple weeks.

Price isn't an issue. Finding a place a tier below the best, where my well behaved kids can stare at their DS Lite screens is.

Looking for recommendations to experience the best of NYC

My favs in SF are The House, Isa, Michael mina, Blvd, Farallon, Chapeau.


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  1. Hi there. I love this place and it gets very little press, but I think you should look into it. They have a wonderful dining room, but if you are concerned about privacy, they have a private room as well.

    Park Avenue Cafe
    100 E. 63rd St.
    (bet. Lexington & Park Aves.)
    Manhattan, NY 10021

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      Why don't you try Lupa or Barbutto? Both are Italian -- Both are great -- And both are kid friendly. In fact, there was an article in Gourmet Magazine a few years ago about eating with little ones at Lupa.

      1. re: jmo9

        Park Avenue Cafe is closed for renovations.

      2. When he was 5, we took my son to Gramercy Tavern and they were very accomodating.

        1. ps: When I was at A Voce last weekend, there were a number of kids there and it didn't seem to be aproblem. Plus, it's right next to Madison Square Park where there is a fun playground, so if they got antsy, one of you could take them there to blow off some steam.

          1. We had good luck with our 8 year old at Nougatine (even met Jean Georges) and at Prune...however his distraction was a book, I'm not sure how a DS would go over....

            1. On the don't bother list, Felidia on 58th Street. Considering how she adores her Grandkids and always talks about them on her show, they don't have high chairs. THey aslo turned us away for lunch at 3:00 on a Wednesday with one table seated in the place because I was wearing shorts. (Nice pressed, neat Khaki shorts and a collared polo shirt). My hunch is it was less about the dress code and more to do with my 3 and 1 yeard olds who were acompanying us.

              On a positive note, we had a succesful late lunch early dinner at Platforma. It's noisy to begin with and my 3 year old loves meat. She was entertained by the plethora of meat the waiters kept slicing at our table.

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              1. re: angelo04

                Hey angelo04,

                I haven't been to Felidia. However, I have to respectfully take issue with your reaction to what happened to you there. Unlike Becco, which is a very casual place, Felidia is Lidia's *upscale* restaurant. So, while there may not be a dress code, i.e., jackets required, it doesn't surprise me that they would not permit someone in shorts -- no matter how well-pressed -- to dine there.

                As regards the issue of your children, just because Lidia loves her grandchildren and talks about them on her t.v. show doesn't mean that all her restaurants must be toddler-friendly. So, again, it doesn't surprise me that they don't have high chairs at Felidia. I doubt if they have any at Del Posto or at any of the upscale restaurants, Italian or otherwise, in NYC.