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What bakery am I thinking of?

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there is some bakery in manhattan that has a jersey outlet, pretty close to the city. Ideas? Is it sullivan street? If so, is it grandaisy now?

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  1. Balthazar Bakery?

    214 S Dean St
    Englewood, NJ 07631

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      Yes! thanks so much! Have you ever been there? There is no info online.

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          Thanks--unless I'm missing it the website doesnt mention the englewood location or what is available there.

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            No -- it lists 6 restaurants in the company: that Balthazar, Schiller's Liquor Bar on the lower east side, Lucky Srtike continental on Grand St., Pravda caviar and vodka in Soho, Pastis french in the meatpacking district and Morandi italian in the West Village.

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          I've never been but I did find these links online:


          Oh, and here's the number: