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May 31, 2007 03:48 PM

Need lunch suggestions in Rye Brook and close by

I'll be starting a new job in Rye Brook on Westchester Avenue and will be needing good recs for lunch; take-out, delivery and dine-in. I am already familiar with the Latin scene in Port Chester and the restaurants in Rye but am very unfamiliar with Rye Brook itself. What are best bets? .Generally seeking healthful and not too caloric. Thanks.

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  1. P & D is right off Westchester Ave. near Rye Brook and is a basic pizza/Italian place.

    In Rye Ridge Plaza, there is Rye Ridge Deli (I think I was there once a long time ago and don't remember it, but I hear it's good) and, around in the back, Club Sandwich (pretty good sandwiches with healthy options).

    For Chinese, Ray's Cafe on S. Ridge St. is pretty good. I like their orange chicken. They don't deliver, unfortunately.

    I don't know if it's opened yet, but there's supposed to be a new pizza place coming near the Food Emporium on S. Ridge St.

    For Italian/pizza delivery in the area, there's T&J's, Frank's, and Frankie & Louie's.

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      I heartily recommend Franks on Putnam Ave. in Port Chester, standard Italian but very good and they deliver. Personal favorite is the lobster ravioli with vodka sauce, and their garlic knots. They also have magnificent salads, huge and reasonably priced.

      Park Deli on Regent Street, a meatball wedge to die for (and they make their own everything), huge panini selection, great hot food & sandwich selection and they deliver.

      D'Agastino's, yes the grocery, for lunch, dine-in or take out. They have sushi and hibachi, awesome calzone, salads, deli sandwiches, salad bar, soup bar & probably whatever else you can think of.

      Costco at the end of Westchester Ave. is good for a cheap lunch of pizza, a hot dog or sausage or a frozen yogurt (tho my personal favorite is the "chicken bake"), most items under $3.

      Since it's summer you have to hit at least once Ebb Tide, a seafood "shack" behind Willet House in Pt. Chester. Whatever you order, make sure you get the tomato salad with it.

      In that area, for Chinese, my personal favorite is Szechuan _____ (Empire?) on Westchester Ave., a little hole in the wall north of the Rye Ridge shopping plaza. I prefer it over Ray's. It's not on the menu but you can ask them to make this special sizziling rice soup in a tomato base, it's addictive.

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        Also in Rye Ridge Plaza is a place that used to be a mediocre Pizza & Brew. It's been renovated and had a name change. It's now Racanelli's (something like that) Pizzeria. I have no idea how it is, but give it a try and let us know. If it's to your taste (and, I guess, even if it's not) there's a Starbucks in Rye Ridge and they have the usual packaged salads and sandwiches. I think the egg salad is pretty good and I know I've had a decent salad, but can't remember which.

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          The renovated Pizza & Brew is not a bad lunch choice. They make some large and very interesting salads, and the space is now airy and pleasant. Much better than it used to be.

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            This is where I get my pies in the area. Is pretty good for pizza. I've not had anything else here though with plenty of outdoor seating.

            Perfect list as I just moved my office to rye brook as well.

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            Good call on D'Agastino's Diva. I've been twice. First time had the salad bar- limited selections but much more reasonably priced than the cafeteria in our building which is insanely expensive. Went back today and picked up summer rolls from the sushi bar - quite good. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed by the other options there too. Unfortunately, parking lot is a disaster but D'Ag is pretty good for quick weekday lunch take-out.

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              hey dim sum diva, i've always wondered about the szechuan place--do you have any other recommendations?

              also, is the ray's cafe on s. ridge affiliated with the ray's cafe in larchmont?

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                It's Szechuan Empire or Pavilion. Before Purchase Street in Rye got all spiffed up with Water Moon and Aurora, there was an older chinese restaurant there. Szechuan Empire/Pavilion has the same owners.

                Anyway, I am not a big fan of Ray's Cafe, don't know if they are related to the one in Larchmont. In terms of other Asian in that part of town, I would be more inclined to go to Asiana Cafe on Putam Ave. in Greenwich or Aberdeen in White Plains. Another suggestion would be to go to the take out counter at Kam Sen, an asian grocery store in White Plains (I noticed they added a line of dim sum), or the take out counter at Daido, another Asian grocery store on Mamaroneck Ave. in WP (mostly Japanese, most items are $7).

                I recently tried "Euro Asian" by Costco/the movie theaters in Port Chester (end of Westchester Ave.). It was okay, menu was all over the place, but I think they have lunch specials.

                BTW if you plan on going to D'Agastino's a lot, get their frequent shopper's card. After 5 lunches the 6th one is free (something like that) but alas, it doesn't apply to sushi.

          3. The Ryetown Hilton has a cafe with moderate prices and a nice menu. Great for a treat now and then

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