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May 31, 2007 03:41 PM

Woodland hills (Ventura and Winnetka)?

Have an errand to run further north than I usually venture. Any ideas for lunch with my sister?

Something not too expensive ($15 or under each unless you have a truly fantastic high end suggestion that's not to be missed) for two, either simple and tasty or something I'm missing out on by living in West LA. An great sandwich, bowl of soup noodles, fantastic salad, or especially something unique and ethnic would be great.

I know nothing about Woodland Hills, so guide away, 'hounds!


Actually, either something like a Persian meat/dips/salad or a comfortable place to eat a medium rare burger, great fries, and a shake sound great.

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  1. I live in this area. My two suggestions would be:

    1 - Gorikee. It's all good, but for a calorie splurge have the Wimpy's burger. Located in the easternmost back corner of the shopping center at the corner of Ventura Blvd. and Topanga.

    2 - The Baker. Small neighborhood bakery cafe. They make all their own breads. You can't go wrong with one of their sandwiches or salads. If you have an early lunch, you might be able to order from the breakfast menu, which includes my all-time-favorite Shakshuka eggs...poached eggs on a spicy tomato sauce, side of cucumber salad, ramekin of herbed feta, and a basket of that fresh bread. Located in a strip mall on the South side of Ventura between Canoga and Topanga.

    1. I second Gorikee's in Woodland Hills on Ventura Blvd by Topanga Canyon Blvd. They are Cal-fusion cuisine. Go if you love garlic. They have lunch specials for well under $10. Very good food and very good prices.

      Weiler's Deli on Victory Blvd/De Soto has great pastrami sandwiches (very big portions). Two can easily share an order. They also have yummy soups.

      Brother's Sushi has good lunch specials. They are located on Ventura Blvd. by Canoga Ave. Very good sushi and decent prices.

      You might want to try the Topanga Mall off of Victory and Owensmouth for their new food court. It's upscale with a ton of yummy places to eat at (sushi bar, Coral Tree Express, Korean BBQ, Japanese, Italian, Mexican). This is also within your budget.

      Poquito Mas for Mexican on Ventura by De Soto is also very yummy. It's a much better version of Baja Fresh.