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May 31, 2007 03:29 PM

Omakase in East Bay (or SF)?

There are plenty of sushi threads, but no recent ones that specifically address omakase.

Can anyone recommend some favorite places for omakase in the East Bay? SF recommendations are welcome as well.

We've enjoyed eating at both Uzen and Sushi Sho, but don't know whether either of those places offer omakase. We're more interested in excellent, high-quality fish than crazy modern rolls with six zillion ingredients.

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  1. Kiss Seafood on Laguna in SF was good and not that expensive. Efficient service for a two person act. Here's a link that will lead you to the Bunrab's review a while back:

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      Kiss, Kiss, bang, bang...I worship this place. I would say efficient is an understatement. They are warm, loving, and caring. Here's another blogger review I love:

    2. Most authentic Japanese restaurants will offer omakase if you ask the itamae. Good Japanese in the East Bay is scarce but I have tried omakase at Uzen and it was very good.

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        Exactly. You should ask at places you've tried and liked. Angelfish in Alameda is another place that is worth checking out.

      2. I am no expert, but I have eaten this way both times I've been to Sebo and been thrilled both times. Not inexpensive, but every single piece of fish has been beautifully prepared and incredibly delicious.