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May 31, 2007 03:11 PM

NASFT Winter Fancy Food Show moved to San Diego? [moved from General Chowhounding Topics]

I was just up at the NASFT website looking up some info for the next Winter Fancy Food Show, which used to be / is usually in San Francisco... and they have it listed in San Diego for 2008. Anyone know what's up with the move?

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  1. Rumor has it that it was a scheduling snafu, caused either by someone from NASFT or the Moscone Center. Essentially, NASFT went to book the convention center for its 2008 show and Moscone already had already contracted with another event. I repeat, this is just a rumor. The show is supposed to return to SF in 2009.

    1. Correct, there is another event booked in the dates that NASFT wants (National Auto Dealers Assn). The show will definitely be back in 2009. I know this for a fact. The scheduling is not exactly a "snafu."

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        2008 Winter Fancy Food Show to be held January 13-15 at San Diego Convention Center

        The 2008 Winter Fancy Food Show will be held January 13-15 at the San Diego Convention Center and will return to San Francisco in 2009. From time to time, the NASFT has decided to hold the Fancy Food Shows in alternate cities for a variety of reasons. Cities like San Diego, Anaheim and Los Angeles have all been chosen over the years as alternate cities for the Winter Fancy Food Show.

        The strategy of moving the Fancy Food Shows to different cities has been used quite successfully by the NASFT to provide a change of scenery and to attract additional buyers and add energy to our events. The plan to move the show for 2008 was decided upon by NASFT’s Board of Directors back in 1999 and will mark the 6th time in the past 25 years that the Winter Fancy Food Show was held outside of San Francisco.

        The NASFT’s move to San Diego has been met with great enthusiasm and overwhelming support by our membership as well as our international exhibitors. Booth space is selling quickly and the 2008 Winter Fancy Food Show is expected to grow significantly over 2007 levels.

        1. re: dp118

          Reason I know what I know: I talked to the VP of Operations of NASFT in January (face to face conversation) and he bemoaned the fact they weren't in SF in '08. He knew they didn't get the space due to NADA and is eagerly looking forward to going back to Moscone in '09.

          What is on the website is PR hype, pure and simple. They're just trying to put a good spin on the move. The only time they aren't in SF in the winter is when they get bumped by another event.

          1. re: dp118

            Yee haw. I am excited to go to a city that is both closer to home, warmer, and has better parking.

        2. and if you can get in, you want to go. The Fancy Food Show is like no other trade show for the magnitude and variety of the offerings. They are, however, very strict about your credentials being legitimate. I've seen visitors with tickets turned away.