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May 31, 2007 02:58 PM

Recap: A Week In Oregon (Portland, Freeport, Ashland, etc)

Just got home from a week in Oregon, thanks for the suggestions of prior posters.

The hits:
- Rogue Creamery near Medford - awesome raw milk cheddar and blue cheeses, great shop for all sorts of yummy foods
- Riteway Meat, Dundee - excellent beef jerky with great smoke flavor and very good pepperoni sticks
- Local Ocean Seafood, Westport - great little place with serious food and good beer (Rogue among others), awesome garlic and crab bisque
- Stumptown Coffee, Portland - wow those lattes are amazingly good

Wild Wood Cafe, McMinnville - fun place, good breakfast
Illahee Inn Restaurant & Bakery, Glide - solid Americana, excellent avocado BLT and burgers
Sweet Basil Thai, Eugene - very good all around
Voodoo Donuts, Portland - fun, funky, crazy, but not nearly as tasty as The Donut Plant in New York (which is my top donut destination, followed by The Donut Hole in Destin Florida, then a good old hot off the press Krispy Kreme)
Park Kitchen, Portland - frankly, a bit disappointing given the raves, everything was good but nothing was exceptional

Eh, not so much:
Domaine Drouhin winery - lovely lovely lovely setting, not impressed with the wines they were pouring though (two from France, one local, none of them better than average)
Abacela winery - I love their Malbec, but they were sold out of that, the five others we tried were all poor to mediocre

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  1. Thanks so much for posting back about your trip!

    1. I'm in Eugene and have to agree that Sweet Basil is very good. However, I have to admit that I'm clueless about where Freeport is, and I've lived in Oregon for years. Thanks for your report!

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      1. re: girlwonder88

        Google Earth suggests that there's a Freeport in Illinois, Texas, New York, Florida, Maine, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Minnesota, Michigan, and Kansas, but doesn't list Oregon as a possibility. I'm guessing that the OP meant Newport instead, especially since Newport is where Local Ocean Seafood is located.

        1. re: Nettie

          Agh, I did mean Newport. Though I said Westport, not Freeport! Freeport, Westport, Newport, they all run together in my mind.

          IN any case, Local Ocean was very good.

          I've posted some photos of our Oregon food experience at

          1. re: biskuit

            It must be some sort of mental block! You put Freeport in the subject for the thread, so that's where it comes in. Anyway, I wasn't familiar with Local Ocean, so I'm glad to know that it's actually in Oregon. Thanks for the pictures, too--it looks like you had a fun trip.

            1. re: Nettie

              : )

              I am losing it. I used to live in Connecticut, and have been to Maine several times, and all those ports have somehow co-mingled in my mind.

      2. I am so impressed to see the Illahee on chowhounds! Their desserts, particularly berry pies are standouts. Save room.