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May 31, 2007 02:56 PM

Business group going to DC

I have a group of 35 going to DC for a business meeting. They'll be there for a 5 days and they want to taste the "best of" DC. Can you suggest anything? Nothing too trendy or loud...

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  1. That's a really large group. The best idea is to find a place where you can rent out a room. I'm wondering what your price range is. But without knowing that a few places where I know there are private rooms or room for this amount of people:

    *Butterfield 9
    *Prime Rib--not sure if there is a private room but its certainly a delicious, old school DC place

    1. Elyssa has some good suggestions if you want all 35 to be able to eat together. In that vien I'd also look at the Caucus Room, the Oval Room, and Corduroy.

      However, if you are thinking of giving the group choices that they will go to on their own, it opens up a whole range of places. Washington's strength is ethnic food, you name it we have it. (Probably only NYC has as wide a variety of choices as DC when it comes to the range of cusines to chose from.) Ethiopian is ubiquitous, there are literally a dozen good places to get it.

      1. Get to Dino at Cleveland Park- very affordable, yet excellent food and wine- they can do 35 upstairs.

        I'm using them tomorrow night for a party of 20, but know they can scale up to 60.

        1. Though not in DC proper, I have had several amazing large group meals at Geranio in Alexandria. They have a wonderful private space upstairs, and can also handle larger parties on their main floor.

          1. Are you looking for a place that holds all of you or suggestions for smaller groups to go off on their own? Open Table has a list of resturants with private rooms. Where are you staying, any food parameters, budget?