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May 31, 2007 02:54 PM

Dinner/LA/Friday night

I am visiting LA this weekend. Am getting treated to dinner, any place of my choosing. Need help with the choosing as I do not know LA. I will be near the Sheraton on Universal Hollywood Drive. Love all food! Just looking for something cool. Any ideas/suggestions?

p.s. It'll be Friday night and I won't be able to make a reservation as I do not know exactly when I will be in town.


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  1. Any budget restrictions? Any particular type of food you really really like? How late on Friday might you be dining?

    If I were you, a place that's not too terribly far that I would pick is Dan Tana's in West Hollywood. Would be hard without a reservation, but if you go late enough you shouldn't have to wait too long. And you can always drink some wine while you wait. It's quite a fun place, and an LA institution. The food is really good - steaks and pastas.

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      Dan Tana's is a great idea. It's also fun to eat at the bar, if you can't get a table.

    2. Less than a mile from your hotel is Ca Del Sole. Beautiful restaurant with good food. Here is a link to their website:

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        Thanks it was perfect! We walked, the food was delish! Cheers!

      2. If sushi's your thing, I'd suggest heading down to Ventura Blvd in Studio City for some great sushi. Nozawa is hotly debated on this board but has its fans. My personal favorite, however, is Tama Sushi.

        1. Minibar is fun for tapas, and so is Ole! Tapas bar
          Il Tiramisu
          Caioti is really casual and inventive fun pizza.
          Hole in the wall middle Eastern would be Carnival (no I know it's not a destination per se, but it's damn good)

          If you're here for breakfast, in your area, Hugo's is good. You are also close to good buttermilk pancakes at Du-Pars.
          Be sure to head over to Sherman Oaks for natas from Nata's Pastries or cupcakes from Leda's :-)

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            Went to Du-Pars for breakfast! Thank you! So yummy!