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May 31, 2007 02:50 PM

Almost perfect for Kung Fu Tea drinkers...

It caught my eyes right away, what looks like a wooden tea tray with slotted rows across the top. At $36 it was still half the price of the what Ten Ren is charging for a similar sized tea tray.
(I also found out at NY's Broadway Panhandler shop I paid $8 more than I could get it online.)

Anyhow, I tried it just now, and unfortunately the seams are not totally sealed to catch the water....almost perfect..sigh. Not giving up, though. A smart friend is suggesting i seal the bottom with some glue/sealant. I'll try that. In any case, it's a beautiful piece (2 pieces: the slotted plate comes off) made of bamboo.

For those who don't drink tea "Kung Fu" style, it's for being able to pour hot water OVER the smallish tea pots and tea cups during tea making to maintain good temperature for the tea that's being brew with lots of leaves and short amount of steeping time.

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  1. I agree that sealing the seams might work. You could use clear silicone caulk and it would probably barely be visible. While you're modding it, you could maybe install a drain :-)

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      jzerocsk, thanks for the rec for clear silicone caulk. I'll try that. Think I need to apply to the outside (bottom) or inside seams?

      It is true I could install a drain, which would led to a table..with compartments for tea and tea equipments...wheels added...i'll be selling the tea station in no time :)

      1. re: HLing

        This is why I have trouble completing DIY projects - I always let them grow into enormous beasts :-)

        I would probably try the inside of the seams so that there is less chance for mold growing in there.

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          i know what you mean about incomplete DIY projects..but these days I'm making rules for myself to limit it to using only what I have already. It takes brainstorming, and may sit for a while before the perfect missing piece reveals itself, but it lets you examine everything around you with a new eye. Can be quite rewarding..

    2. WHF has two or three that are about $20 (there's a store inside Shun Fat supermarket that has some of the same ones for $20ish as well). The cheapie ones tend to leak... I've got a couple that are pretty good, though. I've been thinking about getting a metal one instead - one like this:
      I imagine that would get less funky if I forget to empty it out for a little while, and less chance of leaks, plus none of that bamboo smell. But it might get cold fast, and draining might not be as good.

      Ten Ren's are super expensive. Supposedly better quality... I'd probably buy from Houde if I really wanted to spend more than $20 on a cha pan.

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        I made a metal one using a medium sized cake pan, fitted with a small wired rack, covered with bamboo sushi rollers. Everything was just sitting around in the apartment and so was put to good use.

        In NY's chinatown there's a store on Mulberry that sells lots of ceramics for planting and for tea. They always have cheaply made clay teapots on sale..a good place to find a unique, serviceable teapot to take home to scrub down and condition for everyday tea. It was there I found some clay tea trays. It's not the elegant looking bamboo/wooden ones, but it does hold the heat better. The medium one is something like $9 dollars. They're heavy, but definitely won't leak! The darker brown/black ones are nicer looking than the redish ones.

        Here's a link to something made from clay, just for fun: