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May 31, 2007 02:42 PM

Late night eats and drinks near Burbank Town Center

Going to catch a midnight movie tonight and need a bar/pub/grub place to hang out at until 11:30 or so. Was considering the Blue Room (I know, no food...) but don't want to drive after having a drink, so would prefer right around the actual Town Center.

A place like Gordon Biersch would be great, but I think they close earlier than I'd like.

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    1. Burbank is tough because everything closes down early, especially on a "school night". If you would consider driving a few miles I would suggest French 75 Bistro (nice outdoor patio) or The Smokehouse, but it can get pricey. I can't believe that Gordon Birsch closes early. What's up with that?

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      1. re: bosanova99

        yeah...I'm a dork...I checked the website AFTER I posted and found that GB is indeed open until Midnight. So I guess that's the spot then...

        (Love Smokehouse though!)

        1. re: annalulu

          The best thing GB serves is their garlic fries. You gotta get some of those!

      2. GB is open until midnight. 1am on weekends.