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May 31, 2007 02:19 PM

Whole Grains Cookbooks?

After a few ethnic store shopping binges, I find I have too many random bags of millet, farro, bulgur wheat, quinoa, etc etc and am looking for a cookbook that focuses on these grains. I have plenty of vegetarian cookbooks that include some/most of these, but I'm looking for books where the grains take the spotlight and the author details cooking techniques (for some reason, I just can't get the quinoa right most of the time ...).

Thanks so much!

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  1. With The Grain by Raymond Sokolov. It was published in 95. I am sure there are copies out there maybe even in your library

    1. How about Supernatural Cooking by Heidi

      1. This one, Whole Grains Every Day, Every Way by Lorna Sass, just won a James Beard award. Several of the recipes have been posted on Leite's Culinaria as well.

        1. Paula Wolfert's Mediterranean Grains and Greens is a great resource:

          (If the link doesn't work, go to Amazon and search on Paula Wolfert.


          I am a great fan of hers because of the painstaking research that goes into every recipe. I have yet to have a failure with any recipe she has written. She also gives instructions for unusual dishes, with an emphasis on authenticity. I don't know if she includes anything with quinoa and she definitely does not have anything on millet (checked recently) but bulgur, couscous and similar grains are all featured.

          Heidi Swanson's book, already mentioned, also has a lot on whole grains including farro, wheat berries and bulgur.

          King Arthur's book on whole grain baking might be useful too, obviously only for baking recipes.