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May 31, 2007 02:04 PM

Providence restaurant/ hotel in July

Greetings Hounds

Everyone on this board is so helpful, I thought I would float a sample agenda by all of you for a weekend trip my wife and I are planning for July ( we are WITHOUT THE KIDS!! )

Hotel: I have read both terrific and horrendeous reviews of La Dolce Villa on Federal Hill. The location seems incredibly convenient for a foodie holiday as there are innumerable great restaurants but I am just a bit skittish to commit to paying somewhere between $200- $300 per night based on what I know so far. Perhaps someone who has stayed here (or who lives in Providence and has seen it) can enlighten me on this. Alternatives are also very welcome


Breakfast: Merola's Omelets, LA CAMPAGNIOLA

Lunch: Casserta Pizzeria, Bob and Timmy's Grilled Pizzas, Casarino's, Chef Ho's, Angelo's, JOE MARZILLI'S OLD CANTEEN

Dinner: Mediteraraneo, Gracies, L'Epicureo, Cafe Nuovo, New Rivers

Please let me know if I am on the right track and make some recommendations as we don't get away very often



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  1. you will hate yourself in the morning if you miss out on dinner at chez pascal on hope street.
    also, for the same hotel price you might prefer staying at the Westin. have heard mixed reviews about La Dolce Villa.
    New Rivers is currently closed due to a small fire recently. not sure when they will reopen but think it might be soon.
    L"epicureo has a new chef, have not heard much since rick allaire left.
    nicks on broadway is the best breakfast around, have the pancakes!!!!

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      1. re: tina Wright

        Jason Dragonetti is new chef at L'Epicureo, he was Chef Rick's sous

      2. This hotel just opened downtown, er I mean "Downcity" -- it looks really cool. Don't be scared off by the Web address; the hotel is in an architecturally stunning building that was built as a Masonic temple.

        Being downtown it's right near many good restaurants.

        1. Don't know La Dolce Villla; Westin, Marriott downtown, or Biltmore might be safer. I like Bravo, around the corner from Gracie's, for lunch or early supper/before theatre. La Laterie for a drink/small plate. You've heard New Rivers is temporarily closed, alas. I haven't been, but some on Chowhound are swooning over the new Loie Fuller: Enjoy your time without the kids.

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          1. re: janeer

            Someone mentioned above L'epicureo which is attached to The Hotel Providence. That where my family and friends stay when visiting and they always rave about it.

          2. La Dolce Villa is in a great location - you are in the middle of a bustling courtyard with restaurants all around. Thursday through Sunday nights right our your window will be crowds of people eating outside and listening to live music on some nights, with a great water fountain too. Only drawback would be it might be a tad loud if you try to go to bed before midnight. As far as the hotel reviews, the impression I get is that the design is "extreme" (minimalist and stark white) and some people react well to it and some people react negatively. Just my take.
            p.s. where are you traveling from?

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            1. re: Jenkins

              Hi Jenkins and everybody else
              Thanks so much for your helpful suggestions. I plan on getting down to Providence in the near future to scope out the hotel and will report back. Sounds like finding great restaurants won't be a big deal
              We are about 2 hours driving distance (N Shore) and have not stayed in Providence for a long time. We plan on using the hotel as a base and getting down to a beach one day and just kicking around the other.

              Thanks again. The people on this board are always so helpful

              1. re: Cheffrank

                One last thing - I highly recommend that if at all possible you organize your trip around this event:
                It has been a blast the last two years with tons of people coming out for it, and a lot of great food and music around. The last Saturday of the event, 7/21 is probably the most fun, with the most things going on, I really can't say enough about it.