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May 31, 2007 02:00 PM

Best Tom Douglas Place?

Newish to Seattle and I am yet to try a Tom Douglas Restaruant. Can anyone help me decide which one to go to on Friday? Which is your favorite? Is he as good as it seems- or is it too good to be true? Are there a better places that sum up Pacific Northwest style cooking? Thanks

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  1. I've had VERY limited experience at his places, but for me personally, the Palace Kitchen and Serious Pie are my favs. Ettas is ok but nothing special and Dahlia is pretentious and a little more for people older than myself (30). Despite my earlier thoughts of Palace Kitchen, I have come around to the idea that there are very few places out there that serve American food at the level of quality they do at Palace.

    1. I agree with eternalx. Palace Kitchen serves American food that actually has taste. Think about it, almost all "flavorful food" is ethnic. (Blame Sysco, I do.) The Palace serves earthy food seasoned well. Their cheese plates are excellent and their drinks robust. Its definitely not metrosexual fare.

      1. I've had a few Friday nights at Lola in the past few months (didn't want to deal with the wait at Serious Pie). Terrific grazing through their spreads on tasty pita, ideal greek salad, yummy lamb something, goat cheese turnovers. Oh and how I could forget their incredible rhubarb margarita, gentle pink, delightful sips of spring. I'm also a fan of the Palace Kitchen but lately have been enjoying getting to know Lola's. And yes - I do think Tom D. is good. He & his folks know local. Some rainy day at noon, park yourself at the bar at the Dahlia and enjoy a crabcake lunch and a glass of wine.

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          Janer, have you had the crabcakes at The Met? (for comparision) I haven't tried the cakes at the Dahlia, but LOVE The Met's.

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            I haven't but now I will - thanks for the tip! And with crab season set to open soon I'm also dusting off my copy of Tom D's Crab Cake cookbook...too fun.

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              Right On! I have difficulty with most crab cakes, as they're too rich, or too bready, too little crab, or too whatever. Seems like The Met's are "just right".
              Order a glass of some nice crisp sauv. blanc, and you're in business!
              Crab season jsut starting? I thought Dungeness is caught in winter. Are you here?

              1. re: SeaSybarite

                The Ballard Market picked up the crab-cake sceptor right where Larry's dropped it, if you want a serious Dungeness feed.

        2. I agree with the comments and descriptions posted here. Each location has a unique personality so you don’t think of his restaurants as being part of a chain.
          If you see Tom Douglas around town stop and say “Hi”. You’ll find that in addition to running some of the best restaurants in town he is really a nice, approachable guy.

          1. I mentioned my recommendation for Palace in another thread.

            TD's places all have very different feels to them. (I haven't been to Serious Pie yet). To me, Dahlia Lounge is the most "formal", "traditional" of them all. I like it, but I'm never expecting to be blown away. I'm not a fan of Etta's. I make damn good seafood and I don't want to pay someone outrageous prices to do that for me. That said, I do recommend it to folks who are visiting or don't have the ability to cook on their own. Lola is fun and different and has good greek-inspired food. But Palace Kitchen is my favorite. I didn't like it the first time I went. My husband and I went on "date night". I was expecting something a little more.....formal, I think. As soon as I understood and embraced the fact that this is the 'kitchen of the palace', you know, where the staff hangs out, I went there with a different expectation and attitude. Now it's my go to place for late night, pre show, drinks and nibbles in the bar, group dining (where we might be a bit a tad loud), etc.