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May 31, 2007 01:51 PM

Any $1.00 food in your neighborhood ???

I was thinking, about a fat dog, couple of chinatown food festival, dumplings (5 for a Dollar). Please tell us WHERE can we find food for $1.00.

Please write name of JOINT and What specific item cost ONE BUCK!


.99 cents for 20oz Arizona Ice Tea.

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  1. Taco Truck on 96th and Broadway...their tacos!

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    1. re: kelea

      I do believe the tacos there are $2 a piece. Sorry.

      1. re: curranthound

        The horchata's still only a buck, though!

      2. Dumpling House, 118A Eldridge St. 5 for a buck.

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        1. I am so tempted to add 1.25-1.75 choices but i'll stick to 1.00 and under..

          Any chinatown bakery buns ranges from .50-1.00.

          Z Deli, 803 8th Ave $.99 pizza

          $.99 fresh pizza 151 E. 43rd St. (btw. Lex & 3rd)

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          1. re: DarthEater

            There's also another 99 cent pizza place near Port Authority Terminal on 9th Ave. There are also some chinatown bakery style places in the Garment District as well.

            1. re: DarthEater

              i would love to hear your 1.25 and 1.75 choices!

            2. Bagels at Absolute (well, anywhere but DD, really)
              Pretzel rolls at Garden of Eden
              Fresh tofu at mystery food stand in Chinatown (sorry I can't be more specific, I have no sense of direction and I've never been able to find it again)

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              1. re: piccola

                Grand street between bowery and elizabeth.

                1. re: DarthEater

                  gray's papaya, chelsea papaya, papaya king
                  various locations
                  $1.25 hotdog with any/all toppings

                  1. re: nativeNYer

                    They're $1 at Chelsea Papaya, aren't they?

                    1. re: Blumie

                      woops. could be. thanks! gray's just went up to $1.25.

                  2. re: DarthEater

                    Thanks! I know where I'm heading this weekend.

                2. New Naimat Kada (Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi Cuisine)
                  124 Lexington Avenue between 28th & 29th sts
                  (212) 400-1166

                  They have *decent* vegetable or meat Samosas. One dollar.