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May 31, 2007 01:51 PM

Dessert recipes to die for?

You know what they are. Like fresh Krispy Kreme donuts (and here I reveal a bias), they are not necessarily elegant (or inelegant). They are not necessarily artistic or good-looking. They are not necessarily sophisticated or trendy.

What they are is ecstatic: desserts that make your heart dance and your blood pound, desserts that crash into you with the fury and joy of a Beethoven symphony, and for a moment make you believe (or confirm your belief!) that life is worth living. It could be that astonishing slice of chocolate cake, or that unbelievable scoop of fresh ice cream. It might be the sheer sinful beauty of a caramel dessert or a slice of pie so divine an angel might have made it...

What are the desserts you would die for?

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  1. Cook Illustrated's hot fudge choc pudding cake is sooooooo unbelievable - if I had been at home alone and not serving to a group & my hubbie, I would have eaten the whole thing by myself!!!

    Also really really good quality ice cream - nothing like it.

    1. I've never turned down panna cotta. Frank Stitt's Bourbon panna cotta with pecans is something celestial.

      1. Epicurious's La Bete Noir. Pure chocolate decadence.

        1. Creme brulee. Something about the rich, creaminess contrasting with the crunchy sugar that makes me happy.

          Also cheesecake. I savor a piece for as long as possible. Place a hunk in my mouth, roll it around, let it melt. Sounds gross but tastes so good.

          1. Sometimes my Swiss aunties would get together for a cookie-making frenzy. Two of the favorites were deep-fried cookies: rosettes and knee-patches. Rosettes you probably know about. Knee patches, which look like giant potato chips, are so-called because you pile some towels over a knee and pull the stretchy, eggy dough down to get it as thin as possible. Here's a recipe