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May 31, 2007 01:39 PM

northampton/amherst ma area good food/beer but ok with children

sort of a tough request...looking for a laid back pub style place with good beer and plenty of vegetarian friendly options for snacks or meals that would be ok to bring 2 well behaved tots (3&1/2 and 1&1/2 yr olds) and a sleeping newborn to for lunch or early supper in the 2 to 5 pm range. we have had success at rafters and amherst brewing company in amherst, but are looking to broaden our horizons foodwise. are the people's pint in greenfield or sierra grill in northampton places we could hit as they open at 3 or 4 pm or are they more adult places? we loved their menus. any other places in the area that would be worth trying? thanks in advance for all of your help.


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  1. When I ate at the People's Pint, there were lots of families there. Fitzwilleys in Northampton is also appropriate for children. The restaurant where I see the most kids is Bertuccis. It's a chain, but the food is good. None of these places are great restaurants, but they are kid-friendly.

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      I would definitely second the People's Pint. Good food, home brewed beer. Children wouldn't be a problem.

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        Yes, People's Pint is perfect. They are very child/vegetarian friendly. They even have a children's menu. Focus is on local/organic foods. IMO, the food is better than ABC or Northapton Brewery, both of which I like, and are also good choices. I would avoid FItzwilley's, which reminds me of Friendly's only with drinks instead of ice cream. JB

    2. Northampton Brewery meets all of your criteria. Good food, good beer, laid back!

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        Noho Brewery definitely meets your criteria. Sierra Grille has awesome food and beer, but it doesn't seem like a kids place to me.

      2. thanks for the responses. we will put off the sierra grill for an adult night out. people's pint was great for the kids. i agree the the food is far better then the other area brewpubs. the tots loved the cheese plate with apples and pickles. adults liked the peanut noodles and the beers too. servers were really nice to us and the prices were really reasonable. we will definitely return. thanks again for your help.


        1. If you get tired of breweries, then take the kids to the Cup and Top Cafe in Florence, MA for lunch. It has a play area for children and specializes in families. Here's the URL: