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May 31, 2007 01:37 PM

Anniversary Dinner in Dallas

Looking for a romantic place to go for our wedding anniversary at the end of the month. I'm pregnant, so the wine list doesn't factor (*heavy sigh*) for this jaunt.

Husband loves steak, and we've done Bob's, Morton's and RC to death. Any other good steak places that we've missed?

We're also considering Abacus, but the reviews on this board seem inconsistent, which scares me slightly.

Thanks for any help!

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  1. I personally enjoy Abacus very much, but have not been there in over a year. For special occasions in Dallas, I always ask to be taken to Stephen Pyles. Here is a thread that focuses on the place...

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      Thanks! I actually looked at SP as well, but it seems the tapas/ceviche bar is one of the big draws and husband doesn't eat seafood. The dinner menu looked also looked a little light on non-swimming foods, although that I'm sure he would love that rib-eye...

    2. I've been to Abacus twice and my experiences were mediocre and then truly horrible. The food was good but not worth the price, but the service was merely OK the first time and godawful the second. The server bussed my husband's dish before I was finished with mine and then told me, "I'll wait until you're finished." so she could bus mine as well without having to return to the table. I sent a letter of complaint to the restaurant and never received the courtesy of a response (not that I would have gone back for love or money, but it would have been nice to have gotten a "sorry".)

      At a place that charges $30+ for entrees, I expect service that's on a whole 'nother plane from Applebee's. I expect the servers to understand that you don't take a plate until the whole table is finished. How hard is it when there are only two people there?

      I haven't been that pissed about service since I saw a waiter hawk a lugie to clean a table at a Mexican joint. But at least that place was a hole-in-the-wall and we spent maybe $15 for the whole meal.

      Steven Pyles is wonderful and they don't need much meat when the ribeye is that good!

      1. For romantic, I would recommend, even though you can't drink, The Grape, St. Martin's, and the restaurant at the Hotel St. Germain ( always gets glowing reviews)
        For quality of food though expensive, Stephen Pyles, The French Room, or Hibiscus

        1. I second the Hibiscis reccomendation and add Bijoux as very romantic.

          For steak there is N9ne that might be interesting. Also there is Del Frisco's ,111 Forks, Silver Fox, Maquires, and my favorite Chamberlains.

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            I absolutly love the Bone-in Ribeye at AmaLura at the Gaylord Hotel in Grapevine. It's really nice for a Special occasion meal