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May 31, 2007 01:34 PM

Eating in the Poconos?

My boyfriend and I were thinking of taking a day trip to the Poconos. Probably lunch on the way (from Philly), dinner there, and back. Do you have any suggestions? Also, if you want to tell this West Coast transplant that the Poconos are not the best way to get out of Philly for a day, I'd really appreciate any alternatives. Since we're moving soon and we're going to the shore next weekend, we wanted to stay in-state and see as much of PA as we can.

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  1. Agrayf, search the "Poconos" and you'll get lots of responses, including one I posted on May 28th regarding a number of restaurants we visited in the past couple of weeks.

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      *slapping forehead with palm* Duh! Thanks, bucksguy, I will.

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        Piggy's in Lake Harmony has kick-butt breakfast- 570-722-8493. Plus- a great gift shop. You won't be disappointed. They serve breakfast all day, too.

    2. check out the Power is housed in an old Power staton that was also at one time a sanitarium....the food is fairly good....portions are large and I recommend the "European Chicken"...which is spinach, prosciutto, and cheese...crisp chicken.....

      The restaurant is quite good, in relation to what's there....the rest. is located on the White Haven exit off of the 80........

      1. That drive home after dinner would be hell. Consider the Crystal Lake Hotel for an elegant Italian dinner with the Oliveri's, and a comfy room. Very nice time of the year there, but lakes are too cold for swimming, including Lake Harmony, 3 miles away on route 247.

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          I misfired on the nearness of Crystal Lake to Lake Harmony- I confused it with Hart Lake.

        2. Stay away from Barley Creek Brewpub in Tannersville. I ordered a burger medium. It came out and I bit into it. It wasn't just pink in the middle; it had ice flakes. The bar salsa & chips (how do you get this wrong) tasted cheap (was there high fructose corn syrup in the chips?). The beer is ok with best being the brown and the IPA (Note: The Black Lager is weak and Barley wine is insipid).
          I've had a few of the other apps and entrees and nothing was special. On top of it the music was classic rock and mainstream 80s: John Cougar Mellencamp, Stevie Nicks, Pink Floyd, Foreigner, Def Leppard, Steve Miller, Phil Collins, Bob Seger, Rod Stewart . . .
          Oh Lord, deliver me from the Poconos!

          1. Also another suggestion for traveling in PA is the Bucks County Wine Trail. I did this with the GF last year and it was really nice. Our first stop was Peace Valley Vineyard. We tasted wine and then picked grapes in the vineyard. It was almost biblical; we felt like we were Adam and Eve. We ended things in New Hope. Bucks County with its rolling hills, open spaces, and lush greenery can be very beautiful.