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May 31, 2007 12:42 PM

Fuddruckers - Ostrich Burgers?

The Fuddruckers in New Brunswick, NJ no longer offers their ostrich burgers.

Does anyone know if Fuddruckers elsewhere still offer this? Quite the bummer.

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  1. oh no! I will have to check this out here in CA. Will get back to you on that.

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    1. re: justagthing

      I don't think they have it in Fullerton. Which one do you go to?

    2. How is the Ostrich burger? I've wanted to try it but have not gotten the chance. The meat is fairly lean, obviously, but do they grease it up on the grill like many places do with Veggie burgers?

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      1. re: Melanie

        Fuddrucker's ostrich burgers are very good. Juicy and tasty, I didn't find it greasy at all. Hopefully the one near my house still offers them.

        1. re: Augusta

          Agreed, they were cooked very well, the bread comes out very buttery- the meat itself was cooked perfectly juicy.

      2. Oh, I am going to miss them. I checked their website, not on there. I called a couple, they don't have them anymore. Guess I will have to buy the meat and make my own. :(

        1. Our Fudds out in California all have them.

          1. thats the fudds that is closest to me. are you sure they dont offer it i was looking ito going and getting an ostrichs.