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May 31, 2007 12:35 PM

New late night eats in Red Bank!

Last week I stumbled (quite literally) into a new Cheesesteak shop that opened up in Red Bank, across the streetish from the Dublin house. The place is called Willy's steaks...and let me tell you, it may be the best cheese steak I've ever had.

They have their own "whiz" like cheese that beats anything I've had in philly, the meat is fatty, juicy ribeye, and they use real bread. Best of all they're open til 3am!

I enjoyed it so much I went back for lunch the next day with my friend, who agreed that it might be the best cheese steak she's ever had.

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  1. Better than Pat's or Jim's? If true, I am running there NOW.......

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      I haven't been to Jim's in a couple years, but I don't remember being as happy with their steaks. Let us know what you think!

    2. Thanks for that report, joonjoon. Sounds like a spot to put on my "go to" list. Not being familiar with the Dublin House and wanting to know the exact location, I Googled. Lo, and behold! Willy's has a website:

      Btw, they're open until 3 a.m. Thurs.-Sat., 11 p.m., Sun.-Wed. Nice that they're open on Mondays. :-)

      1. Just back from lunch at Willy's. Had a nice lunch and an enjoyable chat with the owners. Here's my take:

        Fresh real italian sub rolls brought in from Philly
        Fresh cut ribeye meat
        Lots of good, high quality topping choices
        Caring, family-owned and run place

        Frozen fries and wings
        Expensive, small bottled drinks only
        Very limited seating

        To start with, this is an authentic "philly" cheesesteak place and there is no local competition at all. I'm sure I will be putting on a few more pounds thanks to Willy's.

        The owner is eager to start using fresh fries and wings, but to do so profitably he needs a decent turnover. I really hope they get it as this is something we have needed in Red Bank for a long time.

        Bottom line - The real deal and well worth a visit, but you may want to take out.

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        1. re: seal

          Thanks seal. Will definitely give it a shot.

            1. re: FoodDude2

              Regular - 5 inch = 3.79
              Large - 10 inch = 6.89
              Giant - 20 inch = 12.99

              I took a take out menu with me ;o)

          1. re: seal

            Thanks for the report. I had dinner in Red Bank tonight and tried to talk my wife into cheesesteaks (but she had her heart set on pizza from Front St. Trattoria). Next time.

            1. re: seal

              Wow! That's a pretty comprehensive report! I haven't bothered trying anything other than their steaks..My only complaint is that their regular is a little bit on the small side - they need an inbetween size :D

              1. re: joonjoon

                joon - just buy the large and save the rest for later. :)

            2. Well I tried Willy's on Friday, and all I can say is OH YEAH!!!!! I loved it. The fries were in fact frozen, but you know what I loved them as well. Nice clean oil, the guy behind the counter (I assume an owner) told me that one fryer is for fries only. I wil definately go back, hopefully this week. I've eaten out quite a bit over the last 2 weeks, I'll post about some of the things on other topics, no real suprises though....

              1. For killer late-night eats go to the Chat & Nibble in Asbury Park. It got a very good review in the Press yesterday.